Coach John Tuggle and family

Former Lady Rams soccer coach John Tuggle with his wife Tracey and daughter Savannah. A fundraiser for the Tuggles will take place during a pair of MWHS soccer home matches at Ram Stadium this Friday.


Former Lady Rams soccer coach John Tuggle and wife Tracey may reside in Bridgeport, but as former educators in Mineral Wells the Tuggles will always be a part of the Ram Family.

That sentiment was shared by many in the Mineral Wells community when the Tuggles discovered shortly before Thanksgiving that Tracey had contracted brain cancer. Among the outpouring of support, one Lady Rams soccer player had an idea.

“Because it would be terrible to have something like that happen, my sister Reagan and I wanted [the Tuggles] to know that as a team, we supported [them],” said Lady Rams junior defenseman Rachel Carter. “Neither of us ever knew Savannah or played for Coach Tuggle, but soccer brings people together like family, and this is what you do for family.”

With the idea to honor the Tuggles and daughter Savannah who plays for the Sissies, Carter contacted Cole's House of Flowers in Mineral Wells and met with parents including Mrs. Carter and Mrs. Borjon.

Word also reached Mineral Wells High School athletic director Gerald Perry who supported the idea of free admission to Friday's home matches against Bridgeport with the inclusion of donation boxes for the Tuggle family near the entrance gate and concession stands.

“Mr. Eaton agreed to help us by donating flowers, Mrs. Borjon did most of the work on getting the shirts ready, and everything else just kind of fell into place!” Carter said. “Every player on our team pitched in and had a part in making this successful. Several girls that played for Coach Tuggle years ago met up and bought shirts and made donations, and Bridgeport soccer even joined us and purchased shirts too! Like I said, we’re a family, and that’s just what families do.”

While the Lady Rams have sold out of t-shirts supporting the Tuggles, members of the community are still invited to a pair home matches at Ram Stadium this Friday, Feb. 2, as the Rams and Lady Rams soccer teams take on Bridgeport.

Admission to the girls match at 5 p.m. and the boys match at 7 p.m. will be free, and donation boxes for the Tuggles will be placed around the stadium.

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