Members of the Mineral Wells High School powerlifting program hosted their only home meet of the season on Thursday, Feb. 2, and the Rams and Lady Rams did not disappoint. Out of 18 total events, the Lady Rams and junior varsity Rams won seven and placed in the top-three 13 times.

Rams junior Zander Adams led the way with a first place result of 1,195 pounds in the 275-pound weight class. Adams had lifts of 475 pounds on squat, 245 pounds for bench press and 475 on the dead lift. At 165 pounds, Ram Devin Salazar took third place with lifts of 250 punds, 175 pounds and 265 pounds on squat, bench and dead lift.

Elsewhere, Ian Sanchez competed in the 242 pound division scoring a fourth place result with a lift total of 685 pounds, and 181-pounder Isaiah Galvan took fifth place with a total 780 pounds.

Powerlifting Rams Xavier Parker MW meet.jpg

Rams junior Xavier Parker competes in the 132-pound weight class.

For the Lady Rams, Cloe Camacho had the best total with 760 pounds to finish in first place in the 259-pound division. Camacho's totals included 320 pounds on squat, a 160-pound bench press and 280 pounds for the dead lift.

Lady Ram Desiree Garcia had a strong showing with a first place finish of her own in the 220-pound division. Garcia's total weight came to 680 pounds after lifts of 265 pounds, 125 pounds and 290 pounds on squat, bench and dead lift.

Another first place result came from Angel Beavers with a lift total of 740 pounds at the 165-pound level. Beavers blew away all but one of her competitors by at least 150 pounds with totals of 320 pounds on squat, 130 pounds for bench and 290 pounds on dead lift.

Other Lady Rams in action included second place Zoe Snow in the 259-pound division with a total of 530 pounds, second place Kaitlyn Chriestenson at the 198-pound level with a total of 555 pounds and fourth place Alissa Ivanoski with a total of 580 pounds in the 165-pound division.

With plenty of success across all divisions, junior Xavier Parker took first place for the Rams at 132 pounds. Parker's total of 885 pounds included lifts of 310 pounds on squat, 210 pounds for bench press and a 365-pound dead lift.

With the top five spots between the girls and boys, Rams David Ramos and Cameron Richards went first and second in the 123-pound weight class while 123-pound Lady Ram competitors Paige Gopffarth, Melanie Rodriguez and Payton Gopffarth finished in third, fourth and fifth place.

Powerlifting Lady Ram Beatriz Martinez MW meet.jpg

Senior Beatriz Martinez competes for Lady Rams powerlifting.

First place for Ramos included a total of 675 pounds after lifts of 260 pounds, 135 pounds and 280 pounds on squat, bench and dead lift. Meanwhile, Richards took home second place with a 585-pound total thanks to lifts of 225 pounds on squat, 110 pounds on bench press and 250 pounds for dead lift.

In third place, Lady Ram Paige Gopffarth finished with a 400 pounds lift total, Rodriguez took fourth with a 375-pound total, and Payton Gopffarth had a total of 365 pounds lifted for fifth place.

The final Lady Ram competitor in the 105-pound weight class was senior Beatriz Martinez, who finished in second place. Martinez had a 520-pound total, including a 200-pound squat, 95-pound bench and 225-pound dead lift.

Next Up

The MWHS varsity powerlifting team returns to action today on the road for the Graham League Meet. The varsity Ram boys will try and duplicate a powerful performance from their season opener in Decatur on Jan. 25. Varsity Rams and Lady Rams will both be in action on Saturday, Feb. 17, for the Kennedale Wildcat Invitational.

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