Mineral Wells Index, Mineral Wells, TX

September 17, 2012

World events a signal of the final event?

Mineral Wells Index

By Guinn Sweet | sweettalk@mineralwellsindex.com

Reading the daily news or watching television these days is like watching the world around us unravel. Society has become like an old, worn-out garment – frayed at the seams and ill-fitting for those trying to live a productive, yet simple lifestyle.

We witness the paper-thin condition of government and industry as the leaders of each translate from eager, well-intentioned messengers of democracy, desiring to insert into this world a profitability at the fingertips of any who are willing to strive for the good of all man-kind. High and lofty ideals are put forth in public communications, professing the desire of those who are seeking representative offices in government, to bring to life a dying economy, and salvation to a depraved and dishonest population.

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