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January 19, 2013

Sweet Talk: Guinn’s Guns

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— By Guinn Sweet

“A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed,” states the Second Amendment of the Bill of Rights in the United States Constitution. The Supreme Court has ruled that this right is not limited to a connection with an organized state militia.

In today’s news, the breach, or near-breach of this right is being threatened because of the horrendous outbreak of maniacal behavior of a number of recent “wild men” who are running rampant over our constitutional and God-given right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, by multiple killings of peaceful, law-abiding citizens, children in our schools, and anyone else who may fall beneath their vengeful wills.

I have never been a gun-lover, while living my life with guns in whatever and wherever residence I have found myself. Colon was, for years, an avid deer-hunter, bringing their bodies home on the fenders and running boards of his vehicles. His first “kill” is memorialized on our wall, just inside the front door, by a massive 8-point mounting of  the deer’s head. Alongside, is framed a picture of that kill, with Colon proudly displaying the carcass in Estancia, NM. He was only 16 years old. It was his aim, every year following (except for his Navy service during WWII), to repeat that effort, which he did until he became too old to do so.

During the time of our marriage years, there was a gun (a deer rifle) in our closet, that was used to produce a kill. That rifle was kept safely from misuse and bad judgement for all those many years, except for the one time I removed it from its hiding place to “get rid” of a rabidly voracious animal in our front yard. The resulting “kick-back” which assaulted my shoulder, initially, and my entire body ultimately, was almost unbearable, and certainly lesson-teaching to me. I never picked up a gun again. (The dog ran away, untouched.)

Consequently, I do not like guns, but neither do I believe that they should become illegal objects which the government can outlaw and seize at will. Guns can be compared with any other object that can be used for both good and bad … a car, if under the control of a careless driver, for instance. Perhaps a fattening, but tasty food that brings overweight to an aging or weak heart could fit the same category. There are medicines, as well, that can bring peace and healing to a sick body, but also are used for satisfying a drug addiction. I am not saying that there should be NO control of these dangerous items, but it must be done according to the freedoms and control of the Constitution of the United States, with little or no changes or deletions. I believe this would allow some sort of control, including licensing.

Uncontrolled gun-use was seen in the ethos of the Hitler-Goering government rule in Germany, which led to WWII in Europe. These two men operated on the premise of “Guns are Power,” often quoted by Hermann Goering, head of the German Air Force during that awful time when those two men were trying to extinguish the Jewish people, and in so doing, go on to subdue the entire European continent.

Had it not been that the freedom-loving United States came to the rescue of God’s people in time to save a remnant of Jews, large enough to resurrect the Israeli nation, there could have been no Jews to survive. The use of men, ammunition, planes, warships and guns, insured that there would be an Israel today to play an important part in our own foreign policy and mutual protection. That, of course, will be subjected to the further use, or threat of use, of guns and ammunition.

I will hold to my dislike of guns in general, but I will never freely submit, nor even agree with any effort to remove gun possession from the basic rights of the people. This was not included in our Bill of Rights to quieten the demands of any group of “gun cranks” or any other group of “protectionists,” but only to offer a means of self-protection and safety to the families of the early residents and ultimately to us today, by means of an unchanging law. Let’s keep it that way!