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July 2, 2012

Sweet Talk . . .

Mineral Wells Index


“Nobody ever did anything very foolish except from some strong principle.” So said Lord David Cecil in Chapter 9 of  “The Young Melbourne.” As of this past week, I beg to differ with this learned gentleman, as he made this “foolish” statement regarding English Peer, Lord Melbourne (1779-1848).

This past week, this 86-year-old idiot did something very foolish, and may live to regret it for the next several weeks. I decided to place some large rocks (sandstones) around an oak tree just beside our front porch. The point of the entire activity was to prevent erosion around the tree, which is on a slant, from further uncovering the roots, and keep the root system stable. Little did I know that the tree, 50-60 feet tall and years and years old, would probably be standing in its place much longer than I would remain on earth to be worried about its stability. This very fact negated the reference of “strong principle” to which Lord David referred in his comment.

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