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November 5, 2012

A woman in the oval office would make real change

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By Guinn Sweet

“What will not woman, gentle woman dare; when strong affection stirs her spirit up?” quote by Robert Southey, Poet Laureate of England during the mid-1800s

This year’s election has put my mind to work, looking for solutions for our present presidential quandary … well, sort of. This might not be the answer, but I feel that I must make some sort of effort, however late it is in the campaigning system, to give us some hope and a positive way out of the mess.

Many years ago, I was impressed with the need to change our leadership in a positive manner, one that would be practical, understandable and sufficient for some years ahead. In fact, my suggestions, if they had been put in place at that time, would probably have deleted any circumstance which could have produced the political circumstances which we face today. In this week’s column, I have updated very little, just to reveal that my ideas are quite possibly good for generations.

When I was a young voter, it was unthinkable that a woman consider a place in higher politics. Such a notable and intelligent woman as Eleanor Roosevelt, wife of FDR, was rudely criticized for helping her husband with his duties as president of the United States, doing those things he would have done had he been able to walk. She was derisively called “Mrs. President.” Comics mimicked her high-pitched voice and all because she was unashamedly in the world’s eye. But face it, at that time in history, any strong woman would have been treated so.

Later on other strong women of Congress, regardless of abilities and intellect, such as Texas’ Barbara Jordan, with her thunderous oratory, were never even considered for the highest office in our nation. I would have voted for any of those ladies, had they chosen to run for the presidency, because they were dedicated, intelligent women. Last week I spoke that opinion to a young man, who even today is astonished that anyone would feel that “women are able to make rational decisions.” Yeah, like declaring war, providing a military which occupies a great part of the entire world, or developing a billion dollar space program which has, practically, offered no answers to the problems of this planet? That kind of rationality, stimulated by overactive testosterone?

The “gentle woman” of whom Mr. Southey spoke would eliminate the deficit, take care of the environment, put people to work and make former president Bush’s dream of a “kinder, gentler nation” a reality. For instance, what woman, when given her household expense money and knowing that whatever she saves is hers to spend in whatever way she wishes, does not shop prudently? With her “savings” the lady president could fix up her house (of Representatives), re-decorate her surroundings (for instance put flowers in Lincoln’s lap at his memorial site) and do some craft work, such as making a standing lamp out of the Washington Memorial. She could all those things by hosting dinners on her patio and serving grilled hamburgers and chips, saving the cost of elegance and formality. It might even be more fun and all the guests could bring their own drinks.

She would solve the unemployment problems simply by requiring all out-of-work people to clean their rooms, empty the trash, put their dirty socks in the laundry hamper and do the dishes before being allowed to go out on a drive-by shooting spree. The afterwards, they would have to clean up the mess they had just made!

Serenity and dignity would descend upon Congress, with strains of classical music displacing rhetoric and hostile debates which were common in past years. They would have brunch at 11 a.m. and tea at 3 p.m., followed by a rubber of Bridge afterwards.

The White House staff would be cut to the bone, as would all cabinet positions. Any meetings would become quiet discussion groups with hair care, healthy slimming diets and the latest fashions receiving the greater attention. Then after one or two female terms of office, she could hand the nation back to the males with a full treasury and a balanced budget.

Then the next male president could take the surplus funds and go start a war or send it to the Middle East nations that have depleted their resources by trying to destroy Israel. If a new Congress debated it thoroughly, I am sure that’s what he would do!