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June 11, 2012

Need to write the story of my life – while I still remember it

Mineral Wells Index

By Guinn Sweet | sweettalk@mineralwellsindex.com

It has been said that every artist writes his own autobiography. I suppose that the statement referred to the artist’s painting, rather than his writing. Well, in the same literary vein, I suppose every author paints his own portrait.

I see the logic in both statements, so I have finally decided to “paint” the picture of my own life by a very honest autobiography. Just as an artist’s efforts reveal every aspect of his beliefs, attitudes and interests, so should an author’s work unveil his thoughts, ideas and behaviors.

With this thought, which up to now has remained well-hidden in my every day existence, I have decided, at the urging of friends and family, to do a little “painting.” I won’t try to fool anyone, the fact is that my children are pursuing this activity in the hopes that I will tell enough family secrets to enable them to hold threats over each other in the future because of past misbehavior; and that possibly there are some hidden treasures that we have “squirreled away” for rainy-day use.

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