Mineral Wells Index, Mineral Wells, TX

July 30, 2012

A dear friend dearly missed

Mineral Wells Index

By Guinn Sweet | sweettalk@mineralwellsindex.com

“A firm friendship experiences all emotions, all ideologies, all circumstances, remaining staunch, dependable and sometimes disputatious, while retaining strength and length.”

I have no other commentary or quotation more descriptive of the friendship I shared with Mary Frances than my own statement. I met Mary Frances Wilson at the Senior Center when it was very new in its present location and role in Mineral Wells’ elder society. The details of our first meeting are long forgotten, but the relationship of many following years will always remain.

The years between the middle l990s and today feature many friend relationships for me; most of them containing those imprinted forever by the hard work and faithfulness to the Mineral Wells Senior Center, with many of them centered on Mary Frances. Early on, in her association with the affairs of the center, she was the first person one would encounter upon entering the front door. It was her smile and greeting that made one glad to be in attendance.

However, when she wasn’t smiling, it was not a time for small talk. Her nature was to show everyone who entered the door that she was either pleased to see them, or there were weightier things on her mind. For one so small, it always surprised me that she carried such weight around. I knew, by the tone of her voice when she greeted me, how she was feeling and generally I soon knew why. She was not one to hide her emotions, either glad, sad or mad.

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