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November 19, 2012

Give thanks daily for your blessings

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“Oh come, let us sing unto the Lord: let us heartily rejoice in the strength of our salvation. Let us come before his presence with thanksgiving: and shew ourselves glad in him with psalms.”

This is taken from an old English Prayer Book of 1662. Although written many, many years ago, it is as modern a prayer as if it were written in the Sunday school lesson of last week; and still just as needed and timely as it is written today.

In light of the needs of today, and the approaching Thanksgiving Day next week, our prayers need be no more inspired nor verbal or diffuse, than a simple request, already known to be needed, by the Lord. The fact that there is a special day set aside for our open expression of our needs, does not make them more desired or necessary just by our celebration of the day. However, just the fact that the entire national attention has been turned in the direction of our Supplier, has put the special day for offering thanks to our Heavenly Father into a nationwide occasion and emphasis. I would assure you that those who are Christian do not withhold their heartfelt thanks to God for expression only on this national holiday.

There are many stories in history and in tradition that emphasize the beginning of our setting aside a special day for observance of our thanks. American History, as it is taught, first in our public schools at the middle school level, takes several ideas of the reality of how much thanksgiving was really felt by our earliest settlers who sailed the ocean from Europe in search of the “land of freedom” by those who were suppressed religiously by the Church of England, if we are to believe it.

Further inclusion of the “Indians” and their traditions of being thankful in some measure for the goodness of life, the comfort of the seasons and the generosity of nature was inserted into our first study of the American history. It makes for a good story for pre-teen students, but can also be taken as truth to some degree by understanding that the Bible was cited as the reason for the first development of education and reading skills in the new lands.

It is no secret that, up until the early l900s, Reading (the subject) was taught to those students by using the Bible as the textbook. My efforts today are not necessarily to teach early history, but rather to assemble my own thoughts of my personal thanks giving for the many blessings that have come into my life over the past 86-plus years.

I am thankful for the period of time in which I was born and reared. It is true that there was a dreadful “depression” rampant in my early days. That fact was softened in the personal history of my family. Of the many things for which I am thankful until this very day is that I was reared by godly grandparents. They knew troubles, loss and hurt, but they also knew how to overcome all of that and emerge from those troubles with the confidence and trust that God was in control and would prove it. Their spiritual convictions were strong and they prospered in spite of a world war that was “to end all wars”, and prayed daily for the young men who were fighting for our safety and liberty. The picture that their faith painted became a pathway for my adult life.

I am thankful today for being surrounded by my adult children who are carrying on the traditions and convictions set before me and that I passed on to them. The present situation in which Colon and I find ourselves today is, to a great degree, the same/similar situation of my childhood. Then I was unable to do more than follow in the footsteps of godly grandparents. Today, we are following the footsteps of godly children, now grown and caring for us.

As I took them to the Lord’s house to worship, as they grew in Him, they take me, now, to His house and worship. Not long ago, I observed the Lord’s Supper with both my daughter and my granddaughter. It was a great honor that I was able to do so, and I thank the Lord that He provided the time and the place for such a moving event. I thank Him today for His watch-care of Colon and me, for our remaining ability to make decisions that allow us to continue to witness to those who don’t know Him as savior, and to teach the Word to others.

We give thanks daily for all the blessings He continues to give us and hope to do so for another while. Thank you, Father God.