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December 17, 2012

Of Payback and Coast Fishin’

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— By Guinn Sweet

“Break forth into joy, sing together…for the Lord hath comforted his people, he hath redeemed Jerusalem”  (Isaiah 52:8, kjv)

Colon fell this morning.  He fell after getting out of bed and returning later and becoming disoriented in our very bedroom…he fell because he stumbled when he could not orient himself in a room which we had occupied for three full years…amid furniture we had slept upon and surrounded ourselves for so very many years.

It was very difficult to get him back on his feet, because he seemed to be comfortable from his place and position on the floor, not appearing injured by any means, but giving the appearance of having returned to his place of rest and relaxation. I was finally able, with some help from him, to turn him from his back so that he could get his feet under his body and finally to stand. It wasn’t easy, I had little help from him, but after making sure that he was not actually injured in the fall, he and I, working together, were able to stand him on his feet and get him on the bed–on my side. He was fully dressed!

Is this the beginning of the worst? It could be, and we can handle it. “The best is yet to come.”

 I learned something from the experience. I had left him with our grandson and his wife while I went to Wednesday night Bible Study with Coleen. His sitters fed him dinner and he excused himself, according to Michelle, and said he was going to bed. That was the last they saw him up, although they said they “peeked in” on him later and he was sound asleep. I assume he was well-covered and his clothing was not revealed. Or maybe he was in his pajamas and re-dressed later. He doesn’t remember. The lesson I learned? I will not go away to any activity and leave him at home. If he doesn’t feel like going with me, we will both stay…especially in the evenings. This is an easy decision for me because all I have to do is recall the years of my poor to bad health when he was faithfully by my side when I was unable. Or there were times when he arranged to haul me around, bedfast in the back of the car when it was necessary for him to leave.

I remember one time after he and a cousin had caught a 65 lb. catfish and he decided to have a big fish-fry for our church friends. His plan was to take it back out to the lakeside where he had landed it, build a campfire and cook it there with help from his friends. He bundled me up and made me comfy in the back of the car, drove me up close to the hungry crowd around the fire and included me in the festivities without having to get out of the car. Those are the sorts of things he did for me when the only other option was leaving me at home to be attended by others. I can do no less, now that he needs me!

He has had a couple of friends from Weatherford visit him these past few days, and he has insisted that they come down next spring and they go to the coast to fish for a few days. You know what?  It may seem ill-considered, on my part, but the doctor advised us at the point of his diagnosis and advice, that we allow him to plan ahead, and then do all those enjoyable things which has previously filled his activities…to the point that he can once again enjoy. When the time comes, if he is still ambulatory, and if his “fishin’ buddies” are willing, I will let him go fishing. Note that I did not use the word “willingly” in relation to my feelings. At this point in his desires, I am sure that he would be happy to make a “fishin’ trip to the coast” his final activity.