Mineral Wells Index, Mineral Wells, TX

January 7, 2014

Monday the coldest Jan. 6 on record

Mineral Wells Index


Record-breaking weather? You bet!

There has never been a colder Jan. 6 than yesterday. In fact, the all-time low until now has been 18 degrees. But according to readings at the Mineral Wells Airport, yesterday the thermometer hit a frigid 10 degrees.

To put things into perspective, the lowest temperature during the “Icepocalypse” that rolled in during December does not even compare to this past Monday's temperature. The lowest point it reached during that time period was 16 degrees, on Saturday, Dec. 7.

That this weather is record breaking may sound like a cool fact, but the fact is, severely cold weather can be dangerous. Although it is supposed to warm up later on in the week, it is always good to keep a few things in mind when the weather does happen to reach such extreme temperatures.

According the the Texas Department of Public Safety and the Texas Department of State Health Services, there are a few things to remember regarding safety during extreme weather.

• Always make sure to check your car's battery life, as a failure in cold weather is far more likely because batteries react to changes

in temperature.

• Check your gas level as well.

• Keep blankets and a small supply of food and water in the car, just in case you are stranded.

• Take extra care when crossing bridges as ice will always gather there first.

• Stay dry and wear several layers of loose-fitting clothes.

• If you notice redness or pain from the cold anywhere on the body, get inside in order to avoid  frostbite.

• Also, watch for hypothermia. Its symptoms include confusion, drowsiness, slurred speech, a drop in blood pressure, shallow breathing as well as a pinkish tint to the skin.

For more information, consult both state departments' websites online at www.txdps.state.tx.us and  www.dshs.state.tx.us.

Bottom line? It's Texas, where you can get sunburned one day and frostbitten the next. Stay safe out there!