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January 8, 2014

Honoring those who have been wounded at war

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We are surrounded by soldiers who have fought, endured hardships and given of themselves on the nation’s behalf.

And many organizations or groups try to keep this “top of mind.”

On Friday, Brazos River Wounded Warrior Outdoors hosted an event to honor some of Palo Pinto County’s local service members at the American Legion Post 75 of Mineral Wells.

Although the main focus of the event was on the soldiers, the way in which the soldiers were honored showed just how much they are appreciated by the people they serve.

Kicking off the event at Maverick Travel Center, a few groups of motorcyclists and law enforcement officers led the soldiers to Post 75 in Mineral Wells.

Once the soldiers arrived at the post, there was a small commencement speech given; then the soldiers were addressed by 1st Sgt. Quincy Murphy of the Army National Guard. He gave the troops the “down low” on what was in store for them.

Beyond the food and beverages and fellowship time the soldiers had with the motorcyclists at Post 75, they had an entire weekend of hunting fun planned out for them.

From Saturday to Sunday morning the soldiers were given the chance to hunt deer completely free of charge. Mitch Bradshaw of BRWWO said, “Every wounded warrior had someone to help them hunt in the stand, which was provided by local law enforcement.”

Murphy, who headed up facilitation of the hunt, told the hunters to enjoy hunting deer and to shoot as many hogs as they could find, in a joking manner, of course.