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February 12, 2013

Fiery Friday crash, injures driver and destroys home

Wreck on Old Millsap Highway displaces family

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Department of Public Safety troopers from Palo Pinto and Parker counties responded to the scene of a collision Friday evening in the 1600 block of Old Millsap Highway, according to authorities.

The driver was airlifted from the scene to an unspecified hospital, a DPS source added.

The driver crashed into the home of Cathy Glover, who said the unexpected event resulted in a very stressful weekend for everyone involved.

She said her house “is not livable,” noting the driver “crashed into the electric box and caught her car on fire. My brother-in-law, my nephew and my son-in-law had to get out there and help her.”

“They put out the fire and we made sure she was OK until the police, firemen, and ambulance got there,” she said.

Several family members were in the residence at the time, Glover noted, though no one inside was injured.

“It was devastating; I can tell you that,” she said. “It was a big boom and then the trailer started moving and everything started falling off the walls.”

Her family, including two grandchildren, are now displaced and have been staying in another family member’s camper, afraid to leave the property unattended.

A large hole in home is currently covered by a tarp, she explained, “and the doors won’t lock because of the way she hit it.”

Though the incident was hard on her and her family, Glover said she maintains an optimistic spirit.

“God is going to provide,” she said.

She also expressed concern for the injured driver, who she said sustained injuries to multiple parts of her body.