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April 11, 2013

Holiday Hills Country Club: ‘Tees for Trees’

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A number of local organizations and businesses have invested resources into renovating and beautifying Mineral Wells in recent months and the trend continues with a project planned for Holiday Hills County Club.

General Manager Earon Gatlin told the Index about the plan, which is set to correspond with Arbor Day later this month. The public is encouraged to assist, he said, and can do so by enjoying a round of golf.

"We've been wanting to do a beautification project at the country club," he said, explaining he wants to "plant trees and try to beautify the facility now that we're open to the public on Sundays and to book events. We want to be more involved in the community and we think this will help us."

For a donation going directly toward the purchase and planting of a tree on the property during Arbor Day weekend, Holiday Hills will waive its customary greens fees.

"Come out and pick a tree and have a map of the location where the trees will go," he said.

The incentive will take place April 26-28, he explained, and the selection of trees available for the project range from about $15 to $50.

The club will be open to the public the entire weekend in an effort to raise the $5,000 needed to complete the extensive addition of trees, including red oak, cedar, and crape myrtles.

"If you're not a golfer you can still pick a tree and donate," Gatlin said, explaining a plaque displayed in front of the trees will be left to recognize the donor or honor another individual.

Local nursery owner Denny Hall is providing the trees "at an amazing price," Gatlin said, explaining the project calls for "crape myrtles up the driveway about every 15 feet" in addition to planting trees elsewhere on club property.

For more information on the project or donating toward the cost of a tree, call Earon Gatlin at (940) 325-9442 or 325-8403.