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September 18, 2013

PPGH Pizazz!

Annual fashion show/feed big success

Mineral Wells Index


For the ninth year, Palo Pinto General Hospital Auxiliary put on its annual dinner and fashion show with some of the best results yet. Monday night models from 12 different local businesses “worked it” on the impromptu runway in the Mineral Wells High School auditorium for PPGH’s biggest fundraiser.

Director of Volunteer Services and Foundations for PPGH, Diane Brown, said so far the fashion show has raised around $12,000 for the hospital with contributions still coming in. She said they are hoping for $15,000; quite a bit more than last year’s earnings.

“I personally think it was one of the best fashion shows we’ve had,” she said. “Just a fun-filled, casual night of entertainment. It was a real success [Monday] night and every penny that we earned will go back to Palo Pinto General Hospital in some fashion.”

Cato’s, Emerald Lane, CoCo’s Boutique, Bealls, Waldon Feed Store, VF Factory Outlet, Steele’s, Hibbett Sports, Kraze, Auxiliary Gift Shop, Bon Worth and Mineral Wells Optical were all represented at the event. For them, the fashion show provided not only an opportunity to help raise funds for the hospital, but an avenue of free advertising to showcase their products to a captive audience.

Perhaps almost as big of a hit as the fashion was the food. Brown said more than 300 people were fed at the fundraiser.

“Food-wise, it was excellent,” she said. “I had many of the people that came tell me they thought it was the best meal we’d had.”

With most of the funds raised now in the bank, Brown seemed very appreciative of the hospital’s donors and sponsors of the event, many of whom she said show up every year.

“The support we’ve had over the years for the auxiliary and the hospital has just been amazing,” she said. “Every year, you make the phone call, they want to support you again, and before you know it, a check comes in the mail. It’s been a great fundraiser for us and we hope to continue it.”

If the fashion show does continue, next year will mark the fundraiser’s 10th anniversary. Brown said she has plans to make that event “really extra special.” Until then, the money raised Monday night could go to a myriad of good uses. Brown said it could be used to buy anything from new medical instruments to new furniture for the waiting room. But one thing’s for sure: it’ll be “just what the doctor ordered.”