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November 20, 2013

It’s mine ... I promise

Mineral Wells PD deals with two theft incidents

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Mineral Wells police responded to two incidents of theft last week, in both of which the alleged thieves attempted to put on a convincing portrayal that the stolen items were indeed theirs.

The first began with a couple living in the 100 block of Country Club Parkway.

According to the Mineral Wells Police Department, one of their neighbors approached them on Sunday, Nov. 10, offering to sell them a 55-inch flat-screen television, a companion stand and surround sound system for the bargain price of $465.

Police said the couple bought the TV and accessories.

But unfortunately for the couple, they did not have long to enjoy their new entertainment system.

Police said by Tuesday, Nov. 12, representatives from the rental furniture and appliance store Aaron’s came knocking on their door to repossess the TV, which had not been paid for.

With the couple now out a TV and $465 and Aaron’s out the money due for the rental on the various property, the man who sold the TV now stands with offenses of theft of services between $1,500 and $20,000 and theft of property between $50 and $500. Police have suspects in this case and it is ongoing.

The second incident involved a man dressed as a construction worker loading his truck with materials that did not belong to him.

Police said Aaron Joe Stephenson, 25, of Mineral Wells, drove up to a business in the 1900 block of Garrett Morris Parkway in his pickup truck on Wednesday, Nov. 13, around 11 a.m.

Wearing a safety vest and hard hat, Stephenson backed his truck up to some materials and began loading his bed like the stuff was his.

He loaded various iron and steel beams – including two 7-foot steel I-beams valued at $91 and angle iron valued at $92.96, among other pieces – likely with the intent of selling them for scrap metal, according to MWPD.

The total value of Stepheson’s haul in this instance was in the neighborhood of $232.11. Police said this is not the first time Stephenson has stolen metal in this fashion.

After surveying video footage and receiving a description of the vehicle, MWPD pegged Stephenson as the culprit. He was arrested on Tuesday during a traffic stop and charged with theft of property between $50 and $500 and possession of marijuana under 2 ounces.