Mineral Wells Index, Mineral Wells, TX

March 28, 2013

Famous Water becomes more famous with nationwide press

Mineral Wells Index


A recent Associated Press article gave a local business some nationwide exposure.

Carol Elder, an owner of Famous Mineral Water Co., said a reporter contacted her after reading about the four varieties of Crazy Water and the company's recent addition of mineral baths.

"It started out being primarily about the baths, but as she started to do more research, she became more interested in the aspects of the town and water," Elder explained.

The resulting story, written by AP reporter Angela K. Brown, was initially set to run in Texas, but soon gained a wider audience.

"It ran in probably 100 to 150 different publications just in Texas," Elder said, "and was also picked up nationwide. It was in the Northeast, the Midwest, in the Chicago area and into California. It's kind of hard for us to know exactly where it ran, but when we Googled it, that's where we found it."

She said variations of the story were probably also carried by many other publications using a different headline, making the overall reach of the coverage impossible to track.

The factor that made the story spread throughout the nation was "how the city is embracing its history and ... making it a living history," she said.

The very resource from which Mineral Wells took its name is still a vibrant part of the community, Elder said, explaining the addition of mineral baths and other new products made with Crazy Water will only add to that heritage.

"It started out being a statewide story but [editors] liked the idea of a small town embracing its history and they did it for a national distribution."

The Fort Worth-based writer made the trip to Mineral Wells to visit the business and get a firsthand look at the famous water's source.

"She came on site and she contacted us and interviewed customers," Elder explained.

She said her company is doing its part to ensure the significance of mineral water in this community will be preserved for future generations.

"We're gearing up for another good year and this summer we should have new product offerings," she said.

She presented a glimpse into the company's future during a recent Kiwanis Club meeting.

Plans include expansion of the mineral bath service introduced late last year by making use of a rock house adjacent to the company's N.W. 6th Street headquarters.

She said she would like to transform the structure into a mineral bath house offering massages and other services with the possibility of including guest accommodations.

Additionally, Elder showed the group updated labels for Crazy Water, which are already featured on half-liter bottles.

The nationwide press, in concert with being featured on a recent episode of The Travel Channel's "Ghost Adventures," has resulted in a spike in the unique product's brand recognition and customer demand, she concluded.