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December 6, 2012

ARM hopes to pull in support

Agency needing to raise $110,000 to purchase property it wants to turn into residential substance abuse treatment center for women

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Addiction Recovery Ministries closed Tuesday on property that will allow the non-profit, faith-based recovery organization to expand is residency program to now serve recovering single women, including those with children.

But the next step is to raise $110,000 in 90 days.

“We have a 90-day window to raise $110,000 in order to pay cash for the property with no interest rates involved,” said ARM Director Ted Oliver. “That $110,000 will just get us the property, then we’ll need another $20,000 to $30,000 to do the renovation necessary to make it so it can be occupied.”

After raising the needed funds, ARM will renovate the former Little Sprouts Day Care Center in Wolters Industrial Park to accomodate 25 single women and children in the main building and 10 single women in a secondary building.

“There is a tremendous need,” Oliver said for a women’s live-in recovery facility. “We will probably fill this up about the time we are ready to open.”

“There’s already a waiting list of people who want in. It’s just a safe environment we are offering,” added David Johns, ARM’s grant funding coordinator and treasurer.

“We have so many single women in our rehabilitation program, especially those with children,” Oliver noted, adding that this type of facility often provides “a break-away opportunity for a lot of women.”

There are times when, just to have a roof over their heads, women are locked into a living situation that is isn’t always a conducive environment for children to be raised in, he explained.

“One of the things these women face is many times they are having to live with a man that is really not good for the family relationship. But they have no choices – just to have a roof over their heads, food in their bellies – and that’s the sad part, that they’re locked into that kind of lifestyle,” he said.

“And with our Montessori technique, children from birth to 6 years old will have special guidance in the various disciplines they need to become capable to when they enter our educational system,” Oliver added.

Even if ARM can’t raise the entire $110,000 in 90 days, Oliver said they have a second option.

“After 90 days we can still have nine months to raise the balance at a 3 percent simple interest,” he said. “We’re shooting for at least six months. The sooner we can raise the $110,000, the sooner we can make the renovation. Because we own the property now and its just a matter of now getting the funding in place.”

ARM is a non-profit organization, which means contributions are tax deductible, according to Oliver. For donors to qualify for a 2012 charitable contribution, he said they need to have the check in hand by Dec. 31.

Oliver said ARM thanks Comanche National Bank and Eric Dyess “for handling this whole project” and making “it easy for us.”

The property is on 3.5 acres, which Oliver said would allow ARM to possibly expand in the future.

Oliver encourages anyone interested in contributing to ARM to mail a check to P.O. Box 511, Mineral Wells, TX 76068, or call (940) 325-7499.