Mineral Wells Index, Mineral Wells, TX

November 25, 2012

Online registry aims to aid police in recovery, return of stolen property

Mineral Wells Index


The Mineral Wells Police Department encourages locals to participate in a free online system designed to help recover stolen property.

ReportIt allows users to store serial numbers and images of valuables such as phones and electronics. In the event of a theft, MWPD Chief Dean Sullivan said the data can help officers quickly identify stolen items.

“One of the great frustrations for police officers investigating burglaries and thefts is trying to locate and recover stolen property,” he said. “Oft times, many citizens do not have records of their property handy and can only provide a generic description of the property taken.”

The service is affiliated with LeadsOnline, a nationwide system helping police departments track and recover stolen property. MWPD detectives use the database to search for items using serial number, description, or a variety of other parameters.

Using LeadsOnline, local officers recovered property stolen in Mineral Wells from a Weatherford pawn shop. Because of the service, detectives returned the property to the victim and arrested a suspect in the case.

Using ReportIt, Sullivan said more local property crimes can be resolved.

“Police need serial numbers, owner-applied custom numbers or markings or other identifiable information in order to find and return property that has been stolen,” he said. “Compounding the issue, most found property cannot be returned to the rightful owner because ownership cannot be established.”

Locals interested in using the free service can register at reportit.leadsonline.com and immediately begin uploading an inventory of their valuables.