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March 16, 2014

She’s one in 60,000!

Samantha Gray headed to Miami for Miley concert

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If someone told you that you had a one in 60,000 chance to win something, would you even enter? Mineral Wells High School Junior Samantha Gray did and won a once-in-a-lifetime trip to go see pop singer Miley Cyrus in Miami.


Gray has enjoyed Cyrus' music since the beginning of her pop career. From Cyrus' time as Hannah Montana, to her current phase summed up by her “Bangerz Tour,” Gray considers Cyrus one of her favorite artists. Gray ultimately said she loves Cyrus for her music, not necessarily for her lifestyle.


“While everyone else in junior high was like, 'Oh, it's just Hannah Montana, we don't watch that anymore,' I was the one who was going to finish it,” Gray said. “I was the one who said, 'I am going to stick with Hannah Montana.'


“She is trying to get away from [Hannah Montana] and stuff, and to me, no one understands that because she doesn't want to be considered, 'Oh, you're that disney star. You're that Hannah Montana.' No, she wants to be just Miley Cyrus. And that's one thing I understand while everyone else doesn't.”


The get-away, which is an MTV Ultimate Fan Experience, was first revealed to Gray in November. 


Between the time she entered and when she won in February, she tried to convince her parents into letting me go to a concert. One of her tactics, which her parents never would have imagined coming to pass, worked.


“I knew that she was on tour, and I looked into the tickets and [said], 'Mom, Dad, if I pay for tickets, will y'all take me,'” Gray said. “And they were like, 'No, I am not spending a dime on her. No, neither are you.'”


Gray said okay, but resolved to go online where she found the MTV give-away. 


“Then I just go to looking, and it popped up,” Gray said. “I thought, 'Why not? What are the chances of someone winning?'”


She quickly entered and forgot about it, thinking she wouldn't win. However, her desire to see Cyrus in concert never subsided. 


The Saturday before Gray won, she entered another concert give-away hosted by the radio station 106.1. She had to be the 13th caller to win, but came up the seventh.


“I stayed home all day – missed my brother's and sister's basketball games – trying to win tickets,” Gray said. “I was so sad. That night when I told my mom about this, I said, 'If I win tickets can I go?' She jovially said, 'Sure, Samantha, if you win tickets.'”


Feb. 27 came, and Gray received an email notifying her she was a finalist in the MTV Ultimate Fan Experience. The next day, she got a call at school. She – of course – could not pick up, but later received the voicemail. When she got in touch with her mother to talk of the exciting news, her mom had news of her own. Gray won, but since she is a minor, her mother had to approve before MTV could declare her the lucky one out of 60,000.


Ready for a happy ending? Gray flies out with her mom for free March 31, and is in for some big fun including:


• Two nights in a hotel.

• Front row tickets to the Bangerz show in Miami.

• A gift card to buy an outlet for one night.

• A makeover by Miley’s personal glam squad before the show.


“Seeing how many people entered, and then this one girl from little-bitty Mineral Wells, Texas, won, it's pretty cool.”