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March 16, 2014

ARM gains another arm to battle addiction and facilitate recovery

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To further the ministry's reach, Addiction Recovery Ministries officially opened its third location on Feb. 23 at Possum Kingdom Lake. The other two locations are at 112 South Oak Avenue, Mineral Wells, Texas 76067, which is “home office,” and at Lone Camp.


Pastor Ted Oliver directs the foundation out of the home office, Pastor Randy Lawrence of the Mission at Lone Camp directs the LC location, and now Chaplain Don Blair has been added to the crew, directing the new location at PK Lake. 

Oliver, alongside PK Lighthouse President Peggy Gibson, took Blair and his staff through a 16-hour intensive study to certify the new team as ARM affiliates. Although the new ARM facility serves PK as a separate non-profit entity from the other ARM locations, Oliver is excited to share that Marily Blair, wife of Don Blair, is the United Way Representative in Mineral Wells.


ARM officially began in 2005 underneath the Ministerial Alliance during the Nehemiah Project.


Oliver, who has ministered for more that 40 years, alongside three other pastors, were the founders of the project. In 2009, ARM received its own 501c3 tax exemption.


“That has grown to such a degree that we handle 100 clients a week,” Oliver said. 

That's 33.3 percent more per week compared to last July alone.


“Down at Lone Camp, he handles 10 to 12 a week,” Oliver said. “Now Possum Kingdom is just getting started, but just this Monday, we sent them two clients that live at Possum Kingdom Lake. This week alone, we have enrolled five new clients in our program. It's that kind of thing that happens week after week.”


ARM offers more than 20 different classes, all of which cater to the specific needs of each client as recommended by their case worker and ARM. Each client undergoes various classes and routes to recovery. 


ARM handles a multitude of clients a year who are on probation or parole. So far, ARM has enjoyed a continued 75 percent success rate within this group and other clients combined. 


“It's pretty easy – believe it or not – to get people off of their addictions,” Oliver said. “But the really hard part is getting them back into being productive.


"Here's the difference between other programs and ours: the difference is 'Life Recovery,'" Oliver said. "Others just do addiction recovery. Also, people come to us as part of a court-ordered mandate. So, if they don't come, they're in violation of probation. There's a legal involvement that we have that other programs do not."


Life Recovery is a program that incorporates a “life-skills” curriculum, which includes:


• Positive family relationships.

• Parenting.

• Self-image.

• Anger management.

• Money management.

• Nutrition.


Oliver went on to say that first-time offenders are hard to stop, but that is not why ARM exists. ARM exists to prevent repeat offenders. According to Oliver, it costs more than $25,000 for Palo Pinto County per person, per repeat offense, which turns into millions a year. 


“Over the years we have been doing this, we have saved a tremendous amount of money for the county,” Oliver said.


Beyond monetary costs, Oliver went on to say that they are also helping families by preventing more emotional trauma.


For more information on ARM, contact ARM at 940-325-7499.