Mineral Wells Index, Mineral Wells, TX

June 10, 2013

Pet adoptions to continue after retailer’s closure

Mineral Wells Index

— From staff reports

When the Mineral Wells Petsense store closed May 31, the Palo Pinto County Humane Society searched for a local store to fill the gaps, namely hosting the numerous pet adoptions, which resulted in connecting 1,600 or more cats and dogs to new owners – and displaying and handling adoptions for cats and small dogs from the Mineral Wells Animal Shelter in the store’s adoption center.

These opportunities to provide loving homes to area dogs and cats will survive. Walden Farm and Ranch Supply on Garrett Morris Parkway has agreed to take over the duties formerly handled by Petsense and its manager, Karon Corner.

“Everyone in our group was devastated to learn of the impending closure of PetSense,” said PPCHS President Crystal Cameron.

“Karon, the manager, and all of the employees through the years have been so helpful to us in getting so many cats and dogs adopted.

Almost all of the cats we placed were done so through PetSense.

Since we have no physical facility and rely on foster homes, [the store’s closing] was a huge loss to our group.”

“We had already begun searching on the Internet for a new cat display cage, but then wondered where we would put it? Then Karon announced that the PetSense CEO was going to donate not only the display cage, but the entire structure around it to the Palo Pinto County Humane Society. We were so excited and grateful that we all cried,” she added.

According to Corner, Petsense President Bob Angstead donated the adoption center to the Palo Pinto County Humane Society. Corner told the Index the estimated cost of the entire donated center is $6,000 and the steel cages, alone, cost $4,000.

“But again, where to put it?,” Cameron said. “Walden Farm and Ranch came to the rescue. Not only did they agree to house the cat display in their Mineral Wells store, but they physically moved it, which would have been a daunting task for us.”

Walden’s Manager Rusty Holbrook said he was glad to be able to provide a new home for the adoptions.

“We are friends with the manager at Petsense,” he said. “She wanted to transfer [the center] to somebody and donated the cages.”

Holbrook explained the cages will be filled with cats at all times and the store may display small dogs, as well.

The first adoption at the new location has already been scheduled for June 22, though complete details of that event have not been finalized.

Holbrook said a veterinary clinic will coincide with the adoption, allowing pets to receive microchips and shots on the premises.

“I have already visited Walden’s to see the new display and it looks wonderful in its new home,” Cameron noted. “We will begin placing cats there in the next week or so. We will be forever grateful to the hard work and generosity of Pet Sense and Walden’s Farm and Ranch.”

In the last pet adoption Petsense hosted on May 30, the PPCHS and area animal rescue groups adopted out 13 cats and 11 dogs.