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March 29, 2013

Our Lady of Lourdes re-enacts Stations of the Cross tonight

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Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church will present, tonight, the live Stations of the Cross.

Re-enacted by OLL parishioners, a procession will convene at 6 p.m. in front of the small chapel, on N.W. 3rd Avenue, and will walk to 14 stations. The group will journey two blocks north, then toward N.W. 4th Avenue to end in front of OLL Worship Center, located at 108 N.W. 4th Avenue.

According to Dora Calderon, the procession will finish inside with Adoration, when people will come by and kiss the feet of Jesus on the cross.

“The Stations of the Cross are a Catholic devotion which commemorates the Passion and death of our Lord Jesus Christ,” Calderon explained. “Each of the 14 stations represents an event which occurred during Jesus' Passion and death at Calvary on Good Friday.”

Also called “The Way of the Cross,” Calderon added that the event consists of prayers and meditations on 14 occurrences “experienced by Christ on His way to the crucifixion.”

Representing Christ's final hours, stations include such events as Jesus' being condemned to death, his  carrying his cross and falling several times. It ends with his being nailed to the cross, dying and being laid in the tomb.

“The Stations were originally performed many centuries ago by Christian pilgrims who visited the Holy Land and the sites of Jesus' Passion,” Calderon said. “Promotion of the devotion to the Stations began in earnest with the Franciscans, who were given custody of the Holy Places in the Holy Land in the 1300s. Countless Catholics have all enriched their spiritual lives with this powerful devotion.”

Parishioners carrying the cross tonight at OLL are: Father Balaji, Sergio Pandaht, Jeanne Floyd, Jesse Anguiano, Helen Arneson, Victor Calderon, Sharon McKinley, Jimmy Floyd, Salvadora Garcia, David Ramirez, Dorothy Hall, Eduardo Martinez, Nickie Presser, Bill Opela and Laura Ramirez. At each station there will be prayer and “Station of the Cross” readings.