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October 15, 2013

MWPD picked up subject from last week's drug bust before the actual operation began

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Last week, an eight-month investigation conducted by the City County Narcotics Unit, Palo Pinto County Sheriff's Department, Mineral Wells Police Department, Texas Department of Public Safety, constables and the Weatherford-Parker County Special Crimes Unit culminated in a drug bust stretching from Palo Pinto to Dallas. Law enforcement made 19 arrests and seized $11,000 cash and six pounds of methamphetamine.

But one of the 19 subjects was arrested before the operation even began during a routine traffic stop by MWPD.

According to MWPD, around 2:30 a.m. last Thursday – hours before the briefing that would begin the drug bust later that morning – an officer observed a Toyota Corolla stop at the E-Z Mart on U.S. Highway 180 East. The driver stayed in the car while two passengers exited and walked to an apartment complex across the street. Deeming this unusual behavior, police said the officer decided to keep watching the group.

After the passengers got back into the car and it pulled away from the E-Z Mart, the driver failed to properly signal a turn and the officer pulled them over in the 3100 block of East Hubbard Street. The officer received permission to search the car and found that one of the passengers, Clinton Carlyle, 20, was in possession of a controlled substance under 1 gram and drug paraphernalia, for which he was placed under arrest.

Police said the driver, Kristy Roe, 37, was also placed under arrest for driving with an invalid license with a previous conviction.

Back at the police station, officers continued to search the car. According to MWPD, they found around 7.5 grams of meth split into six plastic bags. That was enough to add manual delivery of a controlled substance between 4 and 200 grams to Roe's list of offenses.

As it turned out, later that day during the briefing for the drug bust, Roe's name was on the list of people to be arrested for engaging in organized criminal activity. A MWPD spokesperson said it was a coincidence that she just so happened to have been picked up earlier that morning.

County officials picked her up from Mineral Wells and took her to Palo Pinto.

• In other news, two more suspects looking for drugs caused a stir in an unrelated incident.

Police said on Saturday around 2 a.m. a man was sitting at home in the 3000 block of Airport Road when two people he knew burst through his door and asked where they could buy some crack cocaine. When the subject said he did not know, police said the suspects got upset and one pulled a knife.

The man, now a victim of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, pressed a panic alarm that police said scared the subjects and caused them to leave, but not before they slashed one of the victim's tires on his car.

According to MWPD, this case has been assigned to a detective. The suspects face offenses of criminal mischief between $50 and $500 and criminal trespassing, along with the assault.