Mineral Wells Index, Mineral Wells, TX

November 11, 2013

Another, ‘Who knows this person?’

Mineral Wells Index

— Phil Bishop, of Davidsonville, Md., sent the Index the following photo and message, in hopes someone can shed some light on the etching in his photograph. Here’s what he wrote:

“I just returned from a visit to Germany and at the French border saw the engraving shown in the attached photograph.” He suggested the marks appear to be from a World War II “veteran, who probably helped in border gate reconstruction in March 1945, [and] left his calling card.”

Does anyone know of a Jere Gill who made this mark? Bishop would like to know.

“I worked the Honor Flight Program at {Baltimore-Washington International] Airport, near Baltimore, Md., and see many [Texas] WWII vets come through,” he added.

Let the Index know at editor@mineralwellsindex.com, if you have information for Bishop on this etching.