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July 26, 2013

Fuzzy’s looks to feed hungry kids

Restaurant joins with charity to celebrate 10th anniversary

Mineral Wells Index


For 10 years, Fuzzy’s has provided affordable Mexican food to countless hungry patrons at their various locations. But this year, Fuzzy’s wanted to give back and provide meals for kids who could not afford it. So, in celebration of their 10th anniversary, Fuzzy’s Taco Shop has partnered with the No Kid Hungry campaign to feed less fortunate kids all over the United States.

“We decided it was time to give back and create more national recognition,” Fuzzy’s Chief Executive Chuck Bush said. “We found the No Kid Hungry campaign and figured that was a fit. Anything with kids, we’re a sucker for. So off we went.”

Patrons at Fuzzy’s are encouraged to donate $1 or more each time they visit the restaurant. For each dollar they give, patrons will receive a voucher for a free taco on their next visit and 10 children in need will be fed.

The campaign also extends to social media. For every Fuzzy’s-themed Vine video or Tweet with the hashtag “#Fuzzys4NoKidHungry,” an additional 10 kids will get meals.

Bush said their goal is raising $75,000 to feed 750,000 kids. He added so far they have raised about $50,000.

“You don’t realize how far a dollar goes in this, but that’s pretty amazing,” he said. “[Hungry kids] are everywhere, in every neighborhood. It’s across the nation in every ethnicity and economic level across the board. If a kid needs something, we’re going to do what we can to help, as far as Fuzzy’s goes.”

Mineral Wells franchise owner Will Tate said although his store does not serve as many patrons as some of the ones in larger areas, quite a few people locally have donated to the cause. Tate and Bush both said they love having a location in Mineral Wells now.

“[Mineral Wells] has a great small-town feel,” Tate said. “The store in Mineral Wells has a big chance to be successful and serve that community. It’s just an awesome place... and I think the city has embraced us.”

Both Bush and Tate said they have been pleased with the overall success of their campaign to feed hungry kids.

“I’m overwhelmed with the response that we’ve gotten from our guests and everybody that’s bought into the program and is willing to help out,” Bush said. “I’m amazed. We’ve never done anything like this before, so I really didn’t know what to expect; but it has exceeded our expectations.

As for Fuzzy’s, Bush said the brand will continue to grow and open stores.

“We’re going to open as many stores as we can find the right people to partner with and whatever pace that is, then that’s how quick we’re going to grow,” he said. “We’ve survived now 10 years and I will guarantee you we’ll be around for another 10 years.”

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