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September 19, 2013

Colorful Run a ‘great success’

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— By Mel Rhodes

Things got a little colorful at Holiday Hills Country Club Sept. 14. No, that’s not right – things got very colorful! That Saturday some 500 people converged on Holiday Hills for Mineral Wells’ 1st Annual Color Me Crazy 5K Run. A brief glimpse at the pictures will tell you there was more than running going on.

“It was a great success,” an enthusiastic Gina Ashley declared. Ashley and Tina Kidwell coordinated the event, which is basically a fundraiser for a very good cause. All proceeds go to the Backpack Buddies program.

“We have some children who only eat at school during school hours, and on the weekends they have nothing to eat,” said Ashley. “Backpack Buddies provides them with nutritious food to eat on the weekend. Just something to get them through the weekend.”

Ashley said these children are the innocent victims of unfortunate circumstances: no power, no water, no money, etc.

“It’s a necessity in our town because our town is so small,” Ashley said. “So Tina and I came up with a nonprofit group set up to help nonprofit organizations raise money. We call our group ‘Help Us Them.’”

Though the final tally is not in, the Color Me Crazy Run generated dollars through an entrance fee. Entry was available to both individuals and groups.

More than a run, the 5K event unleashed an onslaught of color. Here’s how it worked:

Runners all nice and fresh in clean running attire started down the “track” to a symphony of bird song, thumping tennis shoes and the chatter of the pack. But that would not last.

The route included quarter stations along the way, and as runners passed by these they were bombarded with vivid color packs that exploded on contact, ending the fresh and clean bit and turning runners into jogging works of... art? All in good clean fun, it was the sponsors of the event who manned the stations and threw down on the fleet-footed passersby. Only fair, since the sponsors supplied the paint. Runners also had a little paint to chunk at family and friends.

“The color is a colored corn starch that actually came from India, back in India,” Ashley said. “It’s a festival that they had. And now it’s in the United States. A lot of big cities are doing it. We’re talking about a thousand people coming out for the Fort Worth event.”

This event was referred to as the 1st Annual Color Me Crazy Run in Mineral Wells, and if tone of voice is any indication, Ashley is already pumped about the next one. It sounds like the perfect venue for having some good clean (Really?) fun while helping children navigate some truly hard times.