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September 13, 2013

Mayor proclaims Sept. 17–23 Constitution Week

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“We the People...”

Those three words are some of the most key and vital to the American identity and way of life and lead the preamble of the Constitution of the United States. With the anniversary of its draft fast approaching, the City of Mineral Wells hopes to ensure that the importance of its content is not forgotten.

On Thursday, Mineral Wells Mayor Mike Allen signed a proclamation stating that this week will be observed as Constitution Week, beginning on Sept. 17 – the 226th anniversary of the significant document. The week is intended to be a time for citizens to celebrate the Constitution and reflect on its importance to society and government.

The Daughters of the American Revolution began observing Constitution Week in 1955, when the group petitioned Congress to dedicate Sept. 17-23 annually to the document’s honor. The holiday week became official when President Dwight Eisenhower signed it into law the next year. With this understanding, the DAR is promoting Constitution Week as a national event.

“Constitution Week is the perfect opportunity to read and study this great document which is the safeguard of our American liberties,” DAR President General Lynn Forney Young said in a press release. “We encourage all citizens across the country to take time this week to reflect on our heritage of freedom and come together to celebrate America.”

DAR Regent Louise Dillard and Registrar Sue Seibert of the local Ralph Ripley DAR Chapter were on hand, Thursday, when the mayor signed the proclamation. Dillard said her heritage as an American makes the Constitution and Constitution Week very important to her.

“As an American, it’s important that we remind everybody, at least officially once a year, what our values and rights are based on and that would be the Constitution,” she said. “This is what our forefathers fought for and certainly as a Daughter of the American Revolution, we all have a patriot that we can trace back to... This is what being an American is all about.”

Mayor Allen also did not shy away from the importance of the Constitution and its recognition.

“It’s important to the community because the Constitution is the basis of our government,” he said. “It’s our foundation. It’s very important, especially in this time, to look at the Constitution and what it says and realize that it’s not always being followed in the United States now. We need to get back to our roots.”

The DAR is known as the largest women’s patriotic organization in the world, with over 175,000 members and approximately 3,000 chapters in all 50 states and 13 countries. Seibert says the local chapter of the DAR places high importance on tracing ancestry, a service they offer for free to anyone interested.

For more information about the DAR, visit their website at www.dar.org or call the local chapter at 940-682-6640.

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