Mineral Wells Index, Mineral Wells, TX

March 30, 2014

Mineral Wells students will be seeing STAARs this week


This week, Mineral Wells ISD will be participating in STAAR testing.

The tests will cover grade four writing, grade five math and reading, grade seven writing, grade eight math and reading, all of which are four hours long, and grade nine English I and grade 10 English II, both of which are five hours long. MWISD is ready for the challenge.

“We consider the STAAR our report card,” MWISD Superintendent Gail G. Haterius said. “Our teachers and our students both take it very seriously. Our teachers have been teaching and working hard doing focus data with different checkpoints throughout the year. They are ready. We have very good students who we trust that will want to do their very best. They want to show their parents, their teachers and really the whole community what they can do.”

To ensure students do their best, MWISD is enacting a few precautions. Parents are being asked to refrain from scheduling appointments on these days, and campus visits should be limited to emergencies only.

No cell phones or electronic devices will be permitted during testing, and campus personnel will be actively monitoring testing sessions to ensure test security. Free breakfast will be provided each day testing takes place.

Additionally, there will be no after-school activities on nights before testing.

How to help

MWISD requests parents do the following:

• Ensure your child gets to bed early so he or she gets plenty of sleep.

• Be sure your child is organized in the morning and has a good breakfast consisting of protein.

• Make sure your child is on time to school.

• Cancel any appointments that your child has scheduled during a testing day. If your child leaves school during the testing period, they will not be able to return to that test, and the test will be scored “as is” by the state when he or she leaves.

• Let your child know how important it is that he or she does his or her very best.

• Realize that testing is stressful, so think of ways to ease the stress the evening before, and let your child know how confident you are that he or she will be successful.

“Our students, teachers and all staff members have worked diligently to prepare for the STAAR test,” MWISD Director of Curriculum, Assessment and Instruction Carey Carter said. “We will provide all students a quiet, relaxed work environment for testing.”