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January 18, 2013

Local students sing praises of school board members

Mineral Wells Index


Kids sometimes say the funniest things and Tuesday's Mineral Wells ISD board meeting was no exception.

In the month of January all Texas school districts show their appreciation for their respective, volunteer school boards. On Tuesday, MWISD trustees received a dose of appreciation from local students as several Houston and Lamar Elementary students read what students say about the board, often provoking laughter.

Second-grader Katie Coker shared some candid comments from Lamar students, who said “Our school board keeps us safe,” “… gives us money,” “… keeps our rooms clean,” “… trims the bushes,” “… saves us from ants,” “… fixes the roof” and “… gives money to the principal.”

Coker said Houston students said that the board “makes sure that teachers have iPads,” “… comes to our school events and cheers for us,” “… hires the happy and loving and laughing wonderful teachers,” “… stops bullying,” “… says we have to wear appropriate clothes,” “… helps us by telling the teachers to teach us stuff, lots of stuff, so we can be smart and know everything,” and “… makes sure we are safe.”

Larson Ator, also in second grade, shared some Travis Elementary comments about the board, stating that the school board:

• Plans field trips.

• Gives advice to the school system.

• Has a law of what you wear.

• Helps us use more technology.

• Sets up expectations for the school so that we get the best of the best education.

• Makes sure that the teachers are good with kids.

• Is the perfect example of teamwork.

• Works for free.

• Stops bullying.

• Makes big decisions for our school.

After second-grader Caeden Barker shared similar comments from junior high and high school students, kindergartener Sabre Thomas handed out “Rising to New Heights” booklets to each trustee. Inside were drawings from Lamar and Houston students, illustrating things the board does for their schools.

School librarians gave books in honor of the school board for each library, including: “Dragons Love Tacos,” for Lamar; “I don't believe it, Archie!” for Houston; “The Genius Files No. 2: Never Say Genius,” for Travis; “Nevermore,” by James Patterson, for the junior high; and the “Comic Book Encyclopedia,” for the high school.

Board President Joe Ruelas also thanked the local chapter of the Texas State Teacher's Association for providing Tuesday's meal.