Mineral Wells Index, Mineral Wells, TX

June 12, 2014

Mapping it out

Palo Pinto County’s online Mapbook goes live

Mineral Wells Index


If you need to get anywhere within Palo Pinto County, the county has unfolded the perfect tool – a new online map book.

Developed by the county’s 911 Addressing Coordinator Teresa Gilbreath, the map book contains some of the most accurate data available for general as well as emergency use.

“We’ve built in about 3,500 clickable links,” Gilbreath said of the map’s capabilities.

The map is easily used, she said, and can be accessed online or downloaded as a PDF file. The map is available through the county’s website at www.co.palo-pinto.tx.us by clicking the Mapbook 2014 link.

Users can view, save or print the map according to the use agreement on the site, she said. A bound book version of the map is available for order from the county’s homepage for $50 by going to the Other County Offices/911Coordinator link.

She said anyone wanting to buy a book should try the online version before investing in a printed copy. 

Users navigate the map by clicking on an index of street names linked to a list of streets, roads and locations found within the map’s grid system.

If you want to dig up the whereabouts of Oyster Bay in Possum Kingdom, for instance, you click the street listings for Oyster-Porter, which leads you then to page 14B and grid location 14D, a click away on the index link. Click that link and you are taken to the area map that shows Oyster Bay.

The first thing users will find is a numbered grid map of the county where you can click inside sections to go to a specific map.

The online and PDF versions both have clickable links as well as a search box and the PDF allows users to navigate with up and down arrows and add bookmarks, Gilbreath said.

Although set up for general use, the map is meant to assist emergency responders and 911 dispatchers looking for accurate, up-to-date addresses, as a supplement to their already detailed maps, especially for new subdivisions and hard-to-find areas, she said. The map can also be valuable for realtors, delivery people or even travelers trying to find their way around the county.

Gilbreath started working on the map about six months ago and wanted to develop a map that was as accurate as any available, even trying to correct errors found on such systems as Google or Bing.

“My goal is to put it out every two years,” she said.

As the map is updated, she said she would like to add more details such as mile markers.

To help with the accuracy of the map as well as help first responders find people in emergencies, she also said people need to make sure people have their street numbers visible either on their drives or front of house.

Some people with P.O. boxes or who have mailboxes clustered in one site forget to mark address numbers on their homes or drives, she said.

If a person doesn’t know his or her address, it can be found through Gilbreath’s office.