Mineral Wells Index, Mineral Wells, TX

January 27, 2013

Writer’s Corner

Mineral Wells Index


More poets have lived in Palo Pinto County than you might suppose. Chief among them was Dorothy Lee Hansen whose great-great-uncle was the fam ed cattleman Charlie Goodnight. She published three books of poetry and eventually became poet Laureate of Napa Valley, CA. Her house, just off North Oak in Mineral Wells, was called “Hill Cove.” Dorothy passed away in February of 2010.

The Mineral Wells Heritage Association will showcase some of Dorothy’s works and other local writers in its March program.

Among the poets whose poems will be read are Beth H. Watson, Executive Director of the Mineral Wells Chamber of Commerce; David Owens, Assistant Park Manager at Mineral Wells State Park; and former mayor Myron Crawford. Also included will be Troy Stone, Chairman of the Boyce Ditto Library Board and President of the Mineral Wells Heritage Association. Troy’s new book of poetry, “2011 – a Poetic Journey,” is available on Amazon and contains a poem written for every day in 2011.

If you write poetry, or you know someone who does, we’d love to include some of your poetry, too. It doesn’t matter whether it rhymes or not. In particular, we’d like to have some poetry of high school students. As I mentioned in an earlier article, a lot of young people are writing poetry these days, and we’re looking forward to hearing some of it.

If you have some poems you’d like to be on the program, send me an email at geraldwarfield@suddenlink.net.