Mineral Wells Index, Mineral Wells, TX

February 6, 2012

Writers’ Corner: The other kind of rhyme

Mineral Wells Index

By Gerald Warfield | Special to the Index

 To rhyme or not to rhyme. That’s one of the big questions for beginning poets. In fact, some people don’t even recognize verse as poetry unless it rhymes. But why is rhyme so important?

Rhyme was only one of several techniques used by the ancients to help them remember their stories.

As such, rhyme is as old as poetry itself. Keep in mind that epics weren’t written down; they were told around a campfire or in the great halls of kings or lords, usually to some kind of accompaniment. They were passed from generation to generation by what we now call oral tradition, a fancy way of saying that they were memorized. Young boys apprenticed early to commit to memory prodigious amounts of epic poetry.

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