PERRIN – There will be a reception to honor Mary and Ted Burns on their 60th wedding anniversary on Sunday afternoon, June 13, from 2 p.m. to  4 p.m.

The reception will take place at the Perrin First Baptist church. No gifts, please and everyone is invited. Their actual anniversary is on Wednesday, June 16th, congratulations to the Burns.

Our Montgomery Family Reunion is this Sunday, June 6, at the Perrin school. Expect to see old friends and all family. This is my dad’s family and children and offspring’s of John B. and Nancy Caroline Montgomery. The meal will be served in the school lunch room.

My other side of the family, Elmer Smith and Chella Wampler Smith, will celebrate their reunion on Sunday, June 27, with lunch being served at noon. They will be meeting in Jacksboro at the First National Bank building in their hospitality room, which is on the street (U.S. Highway 281) entering Jacksboro on the south entrance.

Ann Gregory, a teacher at Perrin-Whitt sent this note to Kay Mealio: “Just want to share what a wonderful experience I had at the HOBY (Hugh O’Brien Youth Leadership Conference) Awards last Sunday. My time with Breanne and Kelly was so fun and getting to see Cody and Mary Ramey made it even better. I am so impressed with the HOBY organization. I have never seen anything so powerful and motivational for students. The first thing Cody said to me was, ‘I have never had so much fun in my life.’ After the awards, I knew just what he was talking about. The energy and enthusiasm in that room from students and leaders alike was overwhelming. I could not stop laughing, crying and clapping. What a gift we give students when we send them to HOBY. We were given a great reception and it was the most OUTSTANDING event of my teaching career. Mary Ramey also won a $100 gift certificate so we had even more to celebrate. I can never thank Bre enough and I will cherish the memory forever. I am putting the award in the office just for today to share.”

I had an enjoyable time with my great-granddaughters, Joann, Heather and Rebecca Renfro. They hadn’t been to visit me in so long and were so full of energy and had such a great time, I enjoyed having them with me. They have been with their daddy, Derek Lee. They called today saying they will be going home today and don’t want to go. I have been trying to get them some sewing done. They are always so proud of everything. The material I received a few weeks ago from Jane Cramer helped me in getting a few things made for them, and I enjoyed every minute of it. So appreciate all that is given them.

We heard of the passing of Mary Ruth Singleton. Our sympathy is extended to the family.

Didn’t get to go to any of the cemetery Memorial Day programs in the area, but tried to keep informed.

Jeff Brumfield rode up on his motorcycle one day last week and brought me a container of berries. Certainly were appreciated. So good. I sure miss having a garden and fresh stuff.

I came across an old school book that I have enjoyed. A book that was handed down to me from R.L. Johnson, “The Pirate’s Treasure Chest,” 1939. Have read it a lot over the years since he gave it to me, and it’s always full of stuff when I come across it.

Enjoyed hearing from a friend, Earl Phillips, in Oklahoma. They had a recent tornado, he didn’t say how bad it was. Enjoyed so much just hearing from him. He was our driller and he worked with Todd from Montana to Texas once.

The June Angel Food box menu showing what is in the food boxes are up around town at the Pirate’s Cove, the Post Office, Perrin Hardware and Hamilton Garage. The Angel Food website has made it convenient to order online using a debit or credit card. You may order online at their website, If you have any questions concerning Angel Food, call Fred Mealio at (940) 798-4455. You can mail your order to Fred Mealio, 228 Rick Road, Perrin, TX 76486. Make the check out to Perrin Church of Christ. Be sure to indicate what you are ordering and include your phone number in case there is a delay in the delivery. The due date to order the June Angel Food is Sunday, June 9, with the delivery of the food boxes on Saturday, June 26.

I knew the time would be coming when we were wishing for some rain and it seems to be now. Things are getting dry, although the stock tanks are still full.

I have been told several times I need to rest more. I try to halfway do it right. I don’t walk good, but I only weigh 101 or 102.

Please send me any newsworthy items by bringing it by the house or sending it to Kay. Her e-mail address is I’d like to acknowledge anyone in the community having birthdays or anniversaries, if I knew about them. Or if you have any news either about your family or any other community happenings, give me a call at 798-2235.

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