By Sue Seibert |

Well, I do believe summer is upon us.  I suppose all of us were hoping that this year would be different, so far as the heat is concerned, although I have read that this summer is supposed to be the hottest ever.  But I guess we need to thank God for the rains we have had thus far, and how few fires!

There are many ways to cool off in the summer. I believe I wrote a similar column last August, but here I do again! Staying under the air conditioner is one I strongly recommend. However, eating cool things can certainly help.  Ice cold watermelon is a good start, or a sweet cantaloupe all iced down is another. And how about some homemade ice cream! Of course there is the ever present iced tea.  Which reminds me, of course, of the first time my Yankee mother-in-law offered me tea, and when I said yes she gave tea. Can you believe it!

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