PALO PINTO – Making Palo Pinto County a "Second Amendment Sanctuary County" is on the agenda for county commissioners for their scheduled Tuesday session.

Commissioners typically meet Monday's, but this Monday is Veterans Day, a holiday. The meeting is scheduled for 9 a.m. Tuesday in the commissioners courtroom at the county courthouse in Palo Pinto.

Parker County Commissioners last month passed a resolution making it a "Second Amendment Sanctuary County."

The action is seen as largely ceremonial, though many are concerned about the future of the Second Amendment and the constitutional right to gun ownership, based on some liberal and social political platforms.

Palo Pinto County Sheriff Brett McGuire weighed in on the topic Thursday, posting a lengthy response to the proposal to his personal Facebook page in support of the resolution.

"For the record, I fully support this Resolution and have encouraged it to be placed on the agenda," McGuire wrote. "Before I was elected to the office of Sheriff of Palo Pinto County, I told folks that the two most important documents ever written were the Bible and the United States Constitution. My thoughts have not changed."

McGuire also wrote, "Here lately, a lot of folks have been real worried about the 2nd Amendment because a bunch of politicians running for federal office have spouted off hoping that they could get a sound-bite on the 5 o’clock news or CNN to boost their poll ratings in the blue and purple states. Quite frankly, most of these politicians probably don’t know the difference between an AR-15 and a leaf blower (and most of them have never used either one of them). "

The sheriff said all of the constitution's amendments are important. He said the Second Amendment's right to bear arms "represents one small part of our liberties and freedoms."

The Parker County resolution was met with pushback from some people, who said passing such a measure could potentially open the county to future litigation. Parker County Democratic Party Chair Kay Parr told that county's court that passing the resolution would be tantamount to the county declaring it does not believe in the law or support representative democracy.

Parker County commissioners unanimously approved the sanctuary resolution.

Palo Pinto County Commissioners Court's Tuesday agenda reads as follows:

1. Call to order.

2. Invocation.

3. Pledge of Allegiance.

4. Pledge of Texas.

5. Public comments and announcements.

6. Approval of accounts payable.

7. Approval of court minutes.

8. Discuss/take action on burn ban.

9. Presentation by Paul Kurtz on behalf of multiple DFW area autocross style events.

10. Consider/take action on presentation from various DFW autocross clubs.

11. Consider/approve replat of Phase 3, Section 4, Lots 643-R and 644-R of the Hills Above Possum Kingdom Lake Subdivision.

12. Consider/approve the amending plat for "Lot 355R-I, The Hills Above Possum Kingdom Lake Subdivision, Phase 1, Section 1.

13. Consider/approve subdivision of Lot I8-E, Area 6-0, District Tract 27-2-29, Lease Block R118 of the Brazos River Authority Cottage Site Leases.

14. Consider/approve replat of Lots 560-R, 56I-R & 562-R, Phase 3, Section 5, of The Hills Above Possum Kingdom Lake.

15. Consider/approve plat of Dyer Rd Estates, being a tract of land in Palo Pinto and Erath Counties, subject to the terms of the interlocal agreement regarding plat review authority between Palo Pinto and Erath counties.

16. Consider/approve interlocal agreements and funding agreements for various county non-profit organizations.

17. Consider/approve accepting applications for ESD No. 1 and ESD No. 2 board members.

18. Consider/approve resolution declaring Palo Pinto County to be a Second Amendment Sanctuary County.

19. Consider/approve setting speed limit to 30 mph for Panama Road in Pct 4.

20. Consider/approve agreement between Emergency Services District No. 1 and Palo Pinto County.

2 1. Consider/approve participation in national prescription opiates litigation class action lawsuit.

22. Consider/approve resolution regulating political signs per Texas Election Code, Chapter 255 and Section 6 1.003, and Texas Transportation Code for Roadways, Chapters 392 and 393.

23. Consider/approve the November 5, 2019 constitutional amendment special election canvass.

24. Consider/approve professional service agreement with NPVal for communication tower appraisal.

25. Consider/approve renewal of SAVNS maintenance contract (VINE grant) with Texas Attorney General's office and service agreement with Appriss.

26. Consider/approve use of equipment for Merry Wells parade.

27. Consider/approve road permit for Brandy Road in Pct 3.

28. Consider/approve Sfax renewal for Palo Pinto County.

29. Consider/approve authorizing Captain Walt Rucker to purchase duty weapon as an honorably retired peace officer pursuant to Government Code 614.051.

30. Consider/approve authorizing county-issued cell phone for detention nurse.

31. Consider/approve new revised contract between Trans Union and Palo Pinto County for investigative search access.

32. Open proposals for sale or exchange in the interest of real property known as 1200 South Oak Avenue and Poston's building on North Oak Avenue.

33. Executive Session to discuss Economic Development pursuant to Texas Government Code Section 55 I .087 (Economic Development) and Section 55 I .071 (Consultation with Attorney) and Section 551.074 (Personnel Matters).

34. Consider/take action on items discussed in Executive Session.

35. Budget amendments.

36. Adjournment.

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