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On Halloween Night, four people were reportedly arrested for breaking into the Baker Hotel.

Those arrests reportedly follow incidents last Saturday and Sunday of people inside the hotel currently under multi-million dollar restoration and presently a contamination zone because of the removal of asbestos and other caustic materials.

Baker Hotel trespassers

Owners of Baker Hotel and Spa are seeking the public's help in identifying the man and woman above caught by security cameras breaking into the hotel. If you are able to identify them please call Mineral Wells police at 940-328-7770. People caught inside the fenced perimeter of the hotel property can be charged with felony burglary, and hotel owners say will prosecute those who are caught.

"We have numerous surveillance cameras throughout the hotel and grounds and will be working with the police to identify those in the Saturday and Sunday incidents, and will prosecute once they are apprehended," said Mark Rawlings, Baker Hotel and Spa general partner and restoration project manager.

For many years, trespassers would have receive citations for entering the 14-story building. Then, there was no security, fencing or construction activity.

That is different today. The property's perimeter is fenced and marked with no trespassing signs, informing them violators are potentially committing a felony offense. The hotel is protected by security cameras, and violators trigger notifications.

Rawlings said he and the Baker Hotel and Spa owners "will not tolerate break ins."

"We will be prosecuting anyone who enters the property without authorization," he said. "Charges can range from criminal mischief to felony burglary of a building."

"Hopefully parents will stress to their teenagers and adult children that there is nothing in there worth seeing that is worth receiving a serious criminal charge," Rawlings added.

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