Bealls department stores, including the one in Mineral Wells, are converting to Gordmans.

That is according to its parent company Stage Stores. Stage announced it is converting approximately 100 stores with 89 changing in 2019 and an additional 37 by March of 2020, with more to follow. 

Gordmans is a chain of off-price department stores founded in Omaha, Nebraska. The conversions generally take two weeks and cost approximately $80,000 to $125,000.


“For the last few years, the off-price sector has seen tremendous growth despite the challenges that have faced traditional retailers,” said Michael Glazer Stage CEO. “These results in off-price were the catalysts for us to invest in Gordmans when the opportunity presented itself in 2017 and we have since transformed these stores into a true off-price concept that represents significant growth potential.”

Gordmans filed bankruptcy and liquidated in 2017, at which time Stage acquired the chain. It proved so successful it decided to convert some of its own stores.

“Shoppers are responding positively to Gordmans off-price concept, which means Gordmans has a wide array of popular brand name merchandise for the entire family at the lowest possible prices compared to department stores,” a written statement from Stage said.

One change will be an expansion to the home department of the store. The company also boasts “fresh new merchandise deliveries arriving weekly; there will always be something new to discover when it comes to popular name brand apparel, home décor, footwear, gifts, accessories, fragrances and more for the entire family.”

In Mineral Wells, the home décor merchandise currently in the Bealls store is from the Gordmans' line.

The Mineral Wells Bealls will reportedly remain open through the end of the year. There will be a one-week closure to switch out merchandise and signage and then the location will re-open in early January as Gordmans.

Customers can continue using their Stage/Bealls credit card and gift cards at Gordmans.

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