Dr. Glenn Rogers, Republican candidate for the Texas House District 60 seat, announced today he will not be participating in tonight’s Eastland County candidate forum.

“It was brought to my attention ... that Fran Rhodes is the moderator for tonight’s candidate forum in Eastland,” said Rogers. “Ms. Rhodes is a contributor to Texas Scorecard, an online website that just this week published a misleading political hit piece about me and my position on two important issues.”

The Mineral Wells Index is preparing a story on that issue that is expected to publish Friday.

“Furthermore, Texas Scorecard is the online presence of Empower Texans, an extremist group that has received millions of dollars from the Wilks family,” continued Rogers. “My opponent, Jon Francis – son-in-law of Farris and JoAnn Wilks – has already been endorsed by Texas Scorecard.”

Rogers added, "having Ms. Rhodes serve as moderator of this event shows that not only will the event be biased in favor of my opponent, it shows that the Wilks family will do anything to tilt this election in their favor. This is unfair to not only me and the other candidates in the race, but it is unfair to the people of Eastland County and District 60."

Francis issued a response late Thursday night following the Eastland forum.

“I think HD-60’s voters deserve to see and hear the candidates before heading to the ballot box, and it was disappointing Dr. Rogers decided to deny the voters of one of HD-60’s rural counties that opportunity Thursday," Francis stated. "Dr. Rogers said recently, and I’m quoting him here, ‘I’m the accessibility candidate, that’s what I’m about.’ That proved to not be the case Thursday evening. Dr. Rogers was the only candidate of the four to dodge an event discussing the district’s future and the Republican Party of Texas’ priorities."

The other two candidates seeking the eight-county seat on the March 3 GOP ballot are Christopher Perricone and Kellye SoRelle.

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