Faith Schoop – dual cap graduate

Community Christian School of Mineral Wells Class of 2020 member and valedictorian Faith Schoop is the school's latest, and seventh overall, dual-cap graduate.

Faith Schoop has capped off her senior year of high school. Twice.

Faith is the latest – seventh overall – “dual cap” graduate produced by Community Christian School of Mineral Wells, where she attended all 12 years.

Dual-cap graduate means Faith leaves CCS having earned both her high school diploma and a college associate’s degree from Weatherford College.

“It feels like a huge accomplishment to me,” said Faith, who is the school’s 2020 valedictorian with a 4.23 grade point average.

Like most others before her at CCS, Faith was inspired by the school’s first dual-cap grad four years ago.

“My goal started back when I was like a freshman,” said Faith. “Jordan Mazik, when she graduated with her dual cap ... I thought that was really awesome.”

She began working with school counselor Naomi Lemmon to take and handle the load of her high school coursework along with the dual-credit college courses needed to complete her associate’s degree along with extracurricular activities that included fine arts and dance, One-Act Play, choir and theater.

Faith recently was crowned state champion in Solo Dance in the Texas Christian Athletic Fellowship Fine Arts Competition, making her a four-time state champion.

“I really like musical theater” she said. “My biggest dream is to be on Broadway.”

Faith said she enjoys all styles of dance, especially ballet, jazz, contemporary, tap and clogging along with musical theater.

“I just love to entertain the audience,” she said.

As for her academic motivation and achievement, Faith said, “I just wanted to grow more in my learning and get a feel for what college would be like. It was a lot different than I thought. A lot of the classes were online and I hadn’t done a lot of online classes so that was different.”

She hopes to find out soon what college campus life is like. Faith plans to attend Texas State University in San Marcos to study dance and theater. For now the plans are to begin attending classes at TSU in August. She toured the campus last year.

“I have been going to CCS since kindergarten,” she said. “I really love the school. It’s like a big family almost. The teachers are really nice and helpful.”

A daughter of Bob and Kathy Schoop, Faith is the youngest. “My siblings are all grown and living their lives.”

Her advice for students who wish to pursue her academic goals and achievements is know how to handle the pressure and stress that will arise at times.

“God is there and can help you through it,” Faith said. “He helped me through it. Don’t do it alone. There are people there to help.”

There were those times accompanied by the disruption caused by the response to coronavirus health crisis that closed schools in March, and kept them closed.

“It’s been crazy,” she said. “I was not expecting this. I have been handling it pretty well. The other seniors in my class and I have been talking about it.”

With her hopes of dancing and entertaining on Broadway one day, Faith said she is unsure what her future holds exactly. Like a good dancer, she will take things one step – or leap – at a time.

“I’m not sure yet exactly what I have planned,” she said. “I am really happy and thankful for the experience I have gotten.”

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