Graford ISD provided the following lists of students named to its honor rolls for the second six weeks grading period:

1st Grade: H. Brazil, M. Cervantes, W. Garcia, H. Glover, I. Lerman, J. Lopez, J. Elle Morgan, W. Newberry, M. Shockey, C. Smartt, H. Waggoner and Z. Wuthrich.

2nd Grade: I. Avila, A. Heath, C. Houser, K. Irby, K. Lemley, A. Mask, K. Parker, H. Wilson and T. Young-Soto.

3rd Grade: A. Alvarez, N. Alvarez, A. Fewell, C. Gobellan, L. Lindley, K. Newsom, A. Owens, E. Perry, C. Waggoner, M. Welch and K. Westmoreland.

4th Grade: C. Hill, A. Phillips and H. Womack.

5th Grade: C. Chapman, R. Couger, T. Ragle and M. Waggoner.

7th Grade: K. Anderson.

8th Grade: C. Gibson, B. Lemley and J. Lemley.

9th Grade: K. Bezio, B. Crawford, L. Feregrino and R. Higgins.

10th Grade: V. Herrera and T. Lemley.

11th Grade: L. Allyon, S. Craig, M. Dunabeitia, K. Glover, E. Lee, C. Lemley, E. Martiri, B. Phillips, D. Phillips and A. Polk.

12th Grade: C. Feregrino, T. Ford, S. Hincapie,T. Lemley, T. Newsom, T. Ramsey and T. Waters.

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