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The year 2020 marks one remarkable anniversary for the nation. It was one hundred years ago that women won the right to vote nationally in the United States with the ratification of the Nineteenth Amendment in 1920.

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The tale unleashed in this space this day is difficult to categorize. Some will say it is typical of “fake news”; others will insist that it best “fits” somewhere in the dizzy, digital world of social media.

I never have to look at calendars or “study up” on Roman numerals to know which Super Bowl comes next. Instead, I calculate years of marriage, since “knot-tying” with Brenda occurred in 1966. Thus, I can tell you that the Next Super Bowl will be number fifty-five.

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The debate over alcohol and drug use has circulated across the nation for generations. Carrie Nation, the small woman armed with a hatchet and occasional Texas resident, became a nightmare for bar patrons across the country.

From time to time, I resort to writing about short, unrelated topics that some folks have described as “Mother Hubbard” columns. This reminds them of ministers who preach “Mother Hubbard” sermons.

I’m glad Sisters Maggie Hession and Frances Evans–who proudly beat a drum for the Texas Rangers from reserved seats 15 rows behind home plate–didn’t live to see it.

‘Tis not the first time an error of my own doing has diverted me from the tedious freeways of everyday life to side roads with uncharted curves adorned by snagging brambles that seemed to warn, “Go back.”

It is a good day in Millsap! Things seem crazy in so many ways, but there is always hope and the future is bright despite chaos among political parties and unrest throughout the world. Keep looking up. God is in control.

Are you enjoying all your Christmas gifts? My husband and I were given a robot vacuum. I have spent a lot of time watching it, trying to establish the somewhat random pattern that it seems to follow.

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When asked what advice I’d give a young person concerning their finances, I never hesitate. It’s really quite simple. It’s not a stock pick or a derivatives strategy.

Time has been bought, answers have been delayed and responses have been hedged as “squirmers” have opted for the “Texas two-step” instead of crystal clear comebacks to probing inquiries.

Welcome back to a regular routine, whatever that is in your house. The end of the hectic holidays can be a relief for some and a letdown for others.

Charles Culberson was part of an influential Texas political family. He would lead a notable career in his own right, serving two terms as governor and four terms in the U. S. Senate.

The youngster, maybe 6-7 years of age, is on one of those “select” league baseball teams that may play four games or more on a single weekend during most months of the year.

There have been many little elves running around town spreading the Christmas spirit. Christmas lights are popping up everywhere, but so far Newberry Road wins the prize (if there was one).

It is a simple request, embodied in a one-syllable, five-letter word. Yet, it is potentially sobering, whether perused by an individual, or considered by an entire nation, or even the world.

It is time to think about Christmas and those who may need help. Angel trees are popping up everywhere for children and elderly adults who need special attention.

On a beautiful Sunday afternoon in October (Oct. 27 to be exact), the Mineral Wells Women’s Club presented the band, “Shine.”

Black Friday sales have already started! Retailers are starting earlier and earlier to try to get ahead of one another. I suppose the days of waiting in line all night to be one of the first 25 in the store are over.

We called prized possessions “gen-u-wine” back in the day. That’s not the correct spelling, of course, but when the word fell from our lips, we emphasized each syllable to make sure hearers clearly understood that our claims were 100% true.

It’s time to fall back. Most of our devices make the change for us now, but my alarm clock doesn’t.

Traces of autumn are sweeping across as a welcomed relief to a scorching hot September, and to remind us that the holidays are here. Soon the time will change with Daylight Savings Time ending on Sunday, November 3rd.

Ever come across a situation – however minor – that activates curiosity? Responding to minutia I often uncovered in youthful years, my old mother often said, “It don’t amount to a hill of beans.”

Ray Hildebrand, who wrote and sang “Hey, Paula” with college classmate Jill Jackson in 1963, admits to being “older than dirt,” but quickly adds that he’s still “kicking up dust,” despite entering his 80th year a few weeks hence.

The members of the Home and Garden Club are immensely grateful for the community support given for the bake sale and garage sale. The ladies raised over $1,700 for their scholarship fund.

We’ve long been led to believe that we “can’t know the players without a program.” It’s a generally accepted necessity for sports purists who want to identify all of the players, from the “stars to the scrubs.”

As might be expected, my Uncle Mort thought he had heard every birthday-related joke in the book. At his 107th party a few weeks ago, he got a real birthday surprise.

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