On a beautiful Sunday afternoon in October (Oct. 27 to be exact), the Mineral Wells Women’s Club presented the band, “Shine.”

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Black Friday sales have already started! Retailers are starting earlier and earlier to try to get ahead of one another. I suppose the days of waiting in line all night to be one of the first 25 in the store are over.

We called prized possessions “gen-u-wine” back in the day. That’s not the correct spelling, of course, but when the word fell from our lips, we emphasized each syllable to make sure hearers clearly understood that our claims were 100% true.

It’s time to fall back. Most of our devices make the change for us now, but my alarm clock doesn’t.

Traces of autumn are sweeping across as a welcomed relief to a scorching hot September, and to remind us that the holidays are here. Soon the time will change with Daylight Savings Time ending on Sunday, November 3rd.

Ever come across a situation – however minor – that activates curiosity? Responding to minutia I often uncovered in youthful years, my old mother often said, “It don’t amount to a hill of beans.”

Ray Hildebrand, who wrote and sang “Hey, Paula” with college classmate Jill Jackson in 1963, admits to being “older than dirt,” but quickly adds that he’s still “kicking up dust,” despite entering his 80th year a few weeks hence.

The members of the Home and Garden Club are immensely grateful for the community support given for the bake sale and garage sale. The ladies raised over $1,700 for their scholarship fund.

We’ve long been led to believe that we “can’t know the players without a program.” It’s a generally accepted necessity for sports purists who want to identify all of the players, from the “stars to the scrubs.”

As might be expected, my Uncle Mort thought he had heard every birthday-related joke in the book. At his 107th party a few weeks ago, he got a real birthday surprise.

A majority of us have drawn lines in the dirt, emphasizing the point beyond which we simply will not be pushed by pesky, ever-encroaching technology. Most of us gradually fold, however. In retreat mode, we still draw lines, but they are evermore faint, each drawn with diminishing enthusiasm.

Just two decades ago, visionary Galveston leaders risked public monies, made promises they hoped they could keep, and readily shared their vision with cruise lines. They fully believed that cruising was ready to “take off.”


The No. 1 estate planning mistake I see in my practice is failure to have an updated will or a living trust. Individuals with big incomes and/or a high net worth seem just as likely to put off estate planning as those of more modest means.

A casual statement made by my Uncle Mort at his 107th birthday party recently may go a long way in explaining why he continues his relentless pursuit of get-rich-quick inventions.

That my Uncle Mort is determined to keep his enlightened self-interest inflated to the max is a foregone conclusion. For more than a century, he has claimed much from Independence Day celebrations, since he and Uncle Sam share the same July 4 birthday.

The Stinsons, a team of four brothers and sisters, had taken to the skies when airplane flight was still in its infancy. By 1915, the sensational flying Stinsons had come to San Antonio, and their skills as pilots would eventually take them around the world.

So awash are we in acronyms these days, we may start tossing them asunder at any time. Such drastic action carries with it results akin to “throwing the baby out with the bathwater.”

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Renee Ozmore Chance passed away peacefully in her home during the evening of Tuesday, November 5th, 2019, due to complications following lung cancer. A memorial service is 2 p.m. Saturday, November 9, at Garner Baptist Church, 2304 FM Road 113, Weatherford, TX. Renee was born March 30, 1945,…

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