This school year a group of volunteer CCS parents, supported by PTF (Parent Teacher Fellowship), refurbished our school library. The PTF contributed $2,500 to help with this project.

One beautiful project that was completed is a mural painted in the library by Kelly Blevins that is the background to one of the pictures featured.

It's been an exciting change for the kids, including adding over 200 new books and still counting.

To celebrate books and this wonderful achievement CCS had a day called "Books Come Alive" on Jan. 25. The elementary school kids were encouraged to dress up as their favorite book character. Here is a picture of each class winner.

We had many special activities planned throughout the day. The junior high and high school students were partnered to an elementary student and read a book to them. Each elementary teacher assigned a book theme to their room and each student learned about different authors and books. PTF provided snacks and lunch which included a special guest who came and read a book that went with the theme of the food that was served. At the end of the day the students watched a movie, "Horton Hears a Who," based on the Dr. Seuss book. Furr Building Materials brought in their popcorn machine to serve fresh hot buttered popcorn to students, while they drank "Grinch floats" (lime sherbet with sprite).

It was a wonderful day to celebrate how enriching books impact children's lives.

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