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When classes resume later this summer at Community Christian School, teacher Lenora Peddy will be marking her 32nd year in a classroom.

Peddy was born in Abilene, Texas, but was immediately transported to Japan. Her parents, Alvin and Clara Marsden, were missionaries in Japan were she lived for eighteen years. There she attended an Christian Academy School. As her students from the last year know, Japanese is Peddy’s first language.

Upon graduating from Lipon High School she moved to Springfield, Mo., to attend Baptist Bible College to pursue a degree in Elementary Education. She also ran into a Godly man named Charlie Peddy who changed her name and her life. They were soon married in Fort Worth. He then worked with her for several years on a teaching team in Rockford, Ill.

Over the past 32 years she has served in classrooms at six different schools teaching pre-kindergarten to third grade students. In addition she has been involved with Santo ISD, Graford ISD and Palo Pinto ISD. Her first service at Community Christian School was for five years at the first and second grade levels. She left CCS for nine years to work at Temple Christian.

After the death of her husband she returned to Mineral Wells and Community Christian School were she has been serving for the last three years. The 2008-09 school year will be her 32nd year of teaching.

“I am so thankful to be able to do what I love to do best and that is to see little lives being changed and challenged as they go from their very young years to complete days in school. Seeing their excitement of learning is my reward,” said Peddy.

She is held in high regard by colleagues, supervisors and parents.

Gwen Jones, a parent of a former CCS student, said, “My son was given an excellent foundation and nurtured in an encouraging Christian environment by Mrs. Peddy. We just love her, she’s great.”

“I find her loyal and diligent, a team worker,” said co-worker Jean Anderson. “She cares about her children and families very mush. She is knowledgeable and experienced. I know she loves God.”

Tracey Kirsch, a former and current parent, says, “Mrs. Peddy is an exceptional teacher with a natural affinity for first graders.

CCA Administrator Karen Horton stated, “Peddy is the type of dedicated, top-rate teacher we look for here at CCS.”

“Peddy is a quality teacher with a genuine love for her students,” said Associate Administrator Doug Jefferson. “Parents who want to see their first or second grader excel both in academics and in character would benefit from being with Lenora Peddy at Community Christian School.”

Peddy’s first and second grade class is nearing waiting list status. The K4 class at CCS is one student away from a waiting list with the first and second grade class following close behind.

“Once the class is full then we will go to a waiting list,” said Jefferson. “We value the student-teacher ratio being small so we will not overfill a class.”

Enrollment is still open for K4-12. To secure a spot before classes close contact the school at (940) 328-1333 or e-mail info@ccsmw.org. The school now has the ability to e-mail student applications.

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