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Yesenia Martinez

On Fridays during the school year, the Mineral Wells Index and Mineral Wells Junior High will spotlight a student based on his or her achievements both in and out of the classroom. This week’s spotlight is on Yesenia Martinez:

Name: Yesenia Martinez

Grade: 8th

Favorite subject and why: My favorite subject is math.

School activities/organizations: Track, National Junior Honor Society.

Who or what drives your desire to succeed? My parents drive my desire to succeed.

What do you like most about school? The thing I like best about school is seeing my friends and some of my teachers.

Favorite movie: “Aquamarine.”

Favorite musical artist or group: Kapaz de la Sierra.

Favorite book: “A Child Called It.”

Favorite thing to do: I like to watch TV.

Who would you most like to meet? Why? I would like to meet Taylor Swift because she is a great singer.

What career/profession do you plan to pursue? I would go to beauty school and become a beautician.

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