By Guinn Sweet

The crafts class met on this past Tuesday in their regular 1-3 p.m. time, and they allowed me to sit in on a new project. They were beading “angels” on safety pins.

Maybe I had better explain.

Under the direction of Phyllis Wright, there were five ladies constructing small angel replicas, complete with wings, halos and all that other stuff that angels are sometimes thought to wear. Dorothy Dowler, Oma McCarthy, Mary Murphy, Margie Winkles and Shirley Stallins busied themselves with clear glass beads of varying sizes and shapes, threading them on gold colored safety pins and then forming them into the lovely little figures.

Well, you just had to be there to appreciate it. It was a pleasant and non-vigorous activity for everyone except Margie Winkles, who had great difficulty with her new fingernails, which prevented her from holding the beads properly to thread on the pins. Mary Murphy was hampered, but not by fingernails. She had trouble because she forgot to close the pins to hold the beads in place. It was becoming a hilarious affair when I decided to leave.

On the way out the door, I saw a number of old-fashioned bonnets and a matching tote on a table. There are several of the bonnets, made by Billie Turner and Theta Malicoat, for the Palo Pinto County Sesquicentennial celebration, which were left over. They are on sale for $10 each. Really attractive bonnets and well worth the price.

Speaking of doing nice things for the center, a number of folks have been bringing garden stuff to share and for Frances to use for lunches. Bertha Bench, Wanda Stiles, Maurine Burnett, Bonnie Burleson, Vita Manley and Juanita Farmer have been joined recently by a couple of guys, Myron Crawford and Paul Mayeux, all of whom have been more than generous with their vegetables, fruits and berries. Thanks folks for the fresh treats at lunch time.

Next Tuesday, Aug. 14, at 9:30 a.m., Sally Guise, RD/LD, from Palo Pinto General Hospital’s dietary department, will conduct her monthly Diabetic Discussion program, and she invites anyone who is either diabetic or a diabetic caregiver to attend the informative session.

At the same time, and continuing until 11 a.m., Health Check will be conducted by Mineral Wells Medical Supply and the PPGH Home Health team. They will be doing the routine checks of Blood Pressure and Blood sugar, weight recording and then giving the results to those who have come for the check-ups. This is a program initiated many years ago by our good friend, Craig Andress, and is continued now by his staff and the PPGH nurses. Don’t forget that this is a free service and can be very helpful in the continued health care of the center participants.

Thursday, Aug. 16, the Red Hat Ladies will meet at the center at 11 a.m. and hit the road for Natty Flat for lunch. It is to be hoped that Natty Flat has been alerted to the impending raid by these notorious, fun-loving girls and will have secured their little community sufficiently to survive the red-hatted onslaught. Seriously, these ladies have a bond that calls them together every third Thursday of the month, and the membership list is always open.

The Birthday Party for August has been moved up one week to Aug 24. As usual, the band will begin playing at 10 a.m., continue until the party time at11:30 a.m., to be followed by lunch, birthday cake and door prizes, courtesy of Solaris Hospice.

There will be a Labor Day Costume Party on Wednesday, Aug. 29. Prize for best costume will be given. Call the office for information regarding types of costumes.

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