In the spirit of Saturday’s Merry Wells, the Baker Hotel Development Team has decided to offer a special treat to those attending.  

On Saturday from 2-5:30 p.m. they will open a couple of the front doors of the Baker Hotel to let people file by and have a look inside to see the progress being made and see the lobby cleaned up, ready for restorative tasks to begin.

“We will open the gate at the southwest corner of the property and will have folks come through in a single file line along the sidewalk and up the stairs to view inside and then return back down the stairs and exit the same gate,” said Baker Hotel and Spa  investor and construction project manager Mark Rawlings. “No one will be allowed to enter the building or to wander around the grounds.”

The building is currently undergoing remediation to remove asbestos, lead and any other potentially caustic materials. The largest historic restoration in Texas history, the 14-story hotel plans to reopen in fall 2022. 

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