Hello Millsap and friends,

We recognize today as the day that Columbus landed in America, but many historians tell us that many others had already come so that he did not actually discover America!

History continues to unfold. October is a great month to celebrate (not just Halloween). It also has a designated day for cookies and pizza! Those days just can’t go wrong. If you look enough, there is a day to celebrate anything, so let’s celebrate life all month!

The members of the Home and Garden Club are immensely grateful for the community support given for the bake sale and garage sale. The ladies raised over $1,700 for their scholarship fund. Thank you to everyone who stopped to buy or just to say “hello!”

The historical calendars done annually by the Millsap Heritage Society make a wonderful Christmas gift. They are still only $10 and can be purchased at the Millsap City Hall or from a member of the heritage society. The community is always helpful in sharing family photos for the calendar so each one is unique and special from year to year. Thank you Millsap families and thank you heritage society for putting them together.

Do something nice for someone. Keep praying and never give up on hope, faith and love.

THOUGHT: You aren’t wealthy until you have something that money can’t buy.

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