French sworn in

Jamie French, right, captain of the Parker County Sheriff’s Posse, is sworn in by Bob Glenn.

Hello Friends!

There was a recent mail out from our Millsap Water Supply seeking public opinion regarding possible upgrades to service which could include electronic billing, different hours of operation and the development of a website.

Shout out to those who are looking to the future and planning accordingly for our community. It seems the Millsap City Council continues to investigate a sewage service for our community. Thanks to everyone looking out for Millsap.

The Millsap Neighborhood Garden Club members enjoyed the first meeting of their new calendar year walking backwards in time. Hostess Barbara Rothrock read the history of Millsap from the late 1800s to about 1980, visiting an era when Millsap had a relay station, store and blacksmith shop.

She described our evolution and the changes it brought. JoAnn Barnhart had a photo display of Millsap’s evolution as well. Betty Jones and Olena Sargent were also hostesses. Everyone enjoyed a pot luck with grandmothers’ favorites.

Jamie French will serve another year as captain of the Parker County Sheriff’s Posse. New officers and he were sworn in Tuesday evening.

• September 22—Homecoming parade. Clubs, organizations and groups are welcomed to participate. The parade starts at 5:30

• September 25—“See You at the Pole.”

• September 27—Millsap homecoming.

• September 28 – Beth Moore simulcast at First Baptist, Millsap.

Angela Burns Morgan is a 1996 graduate of Millsap High School and she leads the Baker Hotel Ghost Walk in Mineral Wells. If you are not into ghosts, you might enjoy the history she incorporates into the tour. There is one coming Saturday, October 12th but there are others. Check it out!

Please pray for our country and its leaders.

May your week be filled with everything that makes you smile and warms your heart as you spend time on what’s truly important.

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