Hello Millsap,

This past week has been more eventful (to have no events) than I can remember in most of my life. It seems like we will be in this cycle for a while.

This is such an important time to stay in contact in whatever way is comfortable for you. Stay busy and stay healthy.


• Clean out your closets

• Complete your 2020 Census, but don’t worry if you don’t have a computer, they will mail you one.

• If you are 65 and older or have a disability, you can apply to vote by mail.

• Apply for your REAL ID driver’s license or identification card as only these will be accepted in federal buildings or for air travel beginning Oct. 1, 2020.

• Read those books you have been wanting to read.

• Cook and freeze meals for later.

Complete all those craft projects.

• Make out birthday cards for the next few months and have them ready to mail.

• Take up a new hobby.

• Learn a foreign language.

• Take long walks in your neighborhood.

• We are very blessed. Remember to count those blessings every day.

Thought: Pray, don’t panic!

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